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The X-Files – Why Gillian Anderson was almost replaced by Pamela Anderson

The X-Files - Why Gillian Anderson was almost replaced by Pamela Anderson

Gillian Anderson, the multifaceted American actress, will return to the role of Jean Milburn in the fourth season of Sex Education arriving. In fact, starting from September 21st, the new episodes of the TV series created by will be available on the Netflix streaming platform Laurie Nunn. It won’t just be the former pupils of Moordale High School who will be overwhelmed by the news this time: we will also see Jean Milburn struggling with motherhood, while she tries to navigate the chaos of her love life. The role of the sex therapist Sex Education showed a new side of Gillian Anderson, who had already demonstrated all her talent in various shows in recent years. Se in American Gods he amazed everyone, in The Crown he gave a masterful performance as the prime minister Margaret Thatcher. Even though thirty years have passed since the first broadcast of The X-Filesyet audiences continue to remember the iconic character of Dana Scully which launched his career.

Today it seems incredible to think of another actress playing the rational FBI special agent. Yet Gillian Anderson recalled that the network originally wanted to replace her with Pamela Anderson.

In 1993, when Chris Carter began looking for the best actors to play the two protagonists of her story, the woman did not yet have much experience in acting. She had moved to Los Angeles just a year ago and appeared in the feature film The Turning and in the TV series Class of ’96. However, Gillian Anderson had fallen in love with the character of Dana Scully for her strength and independence and absolutely wanted to get the role. At the time he had to fight against the hesitations of the production company, which was looking for a different actress to play the FBI agent. As you said in an interview reported by The Sydney Morning Herald, Fox had thought of an interpreter with a different physicality for the leading role of The X-Files:

They were, in fact, looking for an actress who was thinner, taller and busier than me. Pamela Anderson he was also a more familiar face to audiences in terms of what was airing on TV at the time. (…) The producers couldn’t understand how David and I could match the success. At first no one believed I was capable of doing anything. On my CV I didn’t have any acting work done in the past and undoubtedly the production studio he felt strongly that I was not the right person for the job.”

Luckily for him there was a person who, unlike the producers, strongly believed in that young and determined unknown actress. Chris Carter, the creator of The X-Fileshe noticed that Gillian Anderson exuded a strong sense of integrity, which he felt was a perfect fit for the character of Dana Scully. For this reason he decided to trust her and entrust her with the role, launching his career.

And from that moment on Gillian Anderson never stopped. In fact, we will see her again on September 21st in the fourth season of the original Netflix TV series Sex Education.