Temptation Island, Greta Rossetti wants to unmask Perla Vatiero: “Enough is enough! Perla plays the victim but she’s a viper!”

It’s now a war between the former participants of Temptation Island. The Milanese model decided to reveal the private messages she received from Perla, Mirko Brunetti’s ex-girlfriend.

It’s now a war between the former participants of Temptation Island. The Milanese model, Greta Rossetti among the former temptresses of Canale 5’s journey of feelings, decided to publish the private messages he received from Perla, Mirko Brunetti’s ex-girlfriend.

Temptation Island, Greta Rossetti furious: “I will publish everything so you will realize”

The beginning of the dispute would have started from a video published by Greta who joked about the physical appearance of Perla. The latter did not comment, publishing a series of messages from followers expressing their solidarity with her. Although Greta wanted to specify that the video in question was not aimed at Perlathe people of the web still took a defensive stand Mirko’s ex-girlfriend. Yesterday the latter, he was keen to point out that Perla has been insulting Greta for months and that soon everyone will know the truth.

In the last few hours, however, the former temptress has decided to return to the issue, publishing a new video on TikTok in which she harshly attacked the Vatiero:

“The real problem is that you don’t see who she really is, it’s easy to play victim online when in private you’re a viper. You accuse me of hype but I worked on social media even before TV, she started making TikToks while talking about me only after doing the program. You’re all blinded by his crocodile tears and I understand, but I’m not the person you want me to believe and I’m starting to get a little tired.”

The Rossetti he then continued:

“I made a TikTok that made me laugh a lot and which incidentally everyone uses to speak badly of exes. It was generic, it was fun and I was never afraid to say publicly that for me Perla isn’t ugly. But it’s more convenient for you believe that I am the villain of the story. I respond and I am ready to bet that if you had been in my place, you would have done even worse considering everything that I am suffering in private without causing a scandal in public. But the reality is that on the other side I don’t have a person who wants to play clean and I’m not willing to play his game, so let’s discover all the altars without fear.”

“Sooner or later the person she is will come out and you will realize that she is not as holy, chaste and pure as you imagine. Unfortunately I have this bad habit of being authentic, if I have something to say I say it without fear of the consequences which then in the end they are mine alone and I manage them (… ) I can’t wait to be able to show you how things really are but for now I have to be content with just responding to accusations and stories about myself that don’t represent me Everything has its time and I am transparent. Which unfortunately cannot be said about her.”

Greta she finally announced that she intended to publish the private messages he sent her Perla:

“Enough is enough, I am who I am in private and in public, she isn’t. You support us with so much love every day and you deserve the truth, I’m tired and now I’ll start publishing all the screenshots of the messages so you realize who I’m dealing with it. Peace and love.”

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