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Men and Women, Beatrice Valli reveals: “I go to the psychologist. I never felt enough”

Men and Women, Beatrice Valli reveals: "I go to the psychologist. I never felt enough"

The former suitor of Men and Women Beatrice Valli revealed that she never really felt at peace with herself and that she had started a course of therapy with a psychologist. Here’s what she said.

Beatrice Valli is among the faces of Men and women who have the most following on social networks: after being chosen by Marco Fantini, tronista of the dating show Canale5 conducted by Maria De Filippi, Valli and her partner have built a wonderful family, welcoming the third child Matilda Luce a few months ago.

Men and Women, Beatrice Valli being treated by a psychologist: “I never felt enough”

Her fourth pregnancy was told in great detail on social media, from the fun gender reveal to the background of the birth: Beatrice Valli in fact, she usually shares her thoughts and family moments with fans, even if a few weeks after giving birth she tried to reduce her presence on social media due to excessive stress and to better concentrate on the birth of her little girl. The former suitor also wanted to reveal to fans some details about her psychological journey to improve her mental health.

During one of the fan question sessions on Instagram, Beatrice he answered some questions from his followers, also revealing some very intimate and personal background on his mental health. The former suitor revealed to her fans that she is going to one psychologist and that the beginning of the journey coincided with one of his frequent anxiety attacks.

Valli she declared that, when she realized that all her emotions were getting out of hand and that she could no longer be clear about anything, she understood that the time had come to ask for help:

“The inability to understand that everything I did and had was never enough, that I could manage my emotions better and could express my tiredness, which I often disguised by pretending that I could always do everything alone, was not so ! At that point I said to myself: either I get help or I will have to live with all this chaos for life that I created but I can solve it by getting help. So it was, strength and courage! Asking for help shouldn’t be a problem!”

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