Gossip Girl, Taylor Momsen explains why she wanted to leave the TV series

Gossip Girl, Taylor Momsen explains why she wanted to leave the TV series

The actress Taylor Momsen revealed why he decided to leave Gossip Girl. Recently found with Penn Badgley during the podcast Podcrushedhosted by the ex-colleague of the series teen con Nava Kavelin e Sophie Ansari.

During the approximately hour-long episode, the two reminisced about their time together on the set of Gossip Girl; Badgley played Dan Humphrey, while The VAT she played her younger sister Jenny for four seasons. The actress was only 12 years old when the pilot and revealed that she didn’t want to leave her middle school friends, but she was “convinced” to do it.

“Powers greater than me came out and said, ‘This is a great opportunity.’ It was at that moment I realized that music was a refuge for me. Looking back on my life, it was a place where I could just be myself, write songs, express how I felt. I was often alone. I didn’t have my group during the filming.”

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Among the actors of show, VAT, that he had played Cindy Lou in the film with Jim Carrey The Grinchshe was the youngest of the cast. Badgley he was 20 when he got the role of Dan, and most of the actors were in their early twenties. Alone Connor Paolo, who played Eric, Serena’s younger brother (Blake Lively), he was almost the same age as The VAT. “I didn’t fit in with you guys, I didn’t fit in with Connor’s friends – I was younger than them. I was the new girl. I was the little girl from ‘The Grinch.’ I’ve always been in this strange, isolated world that I probably created for myself.”

Taylor he was in a band with his friends from school before Gossip Girlthen moved to New York for it show, which debuted in 2007. Two years later, he founded i The Pretty Reckless, rock band of which it still is leader.

“Acting is something they’ve made me do since my childhood, since I was 2 years old. I wasn’t making my own choices. And, literally, as soon as I was at an age where I could make decisions, it was immediate. I woke up one morning and thought, ‘Wait, I don’t have to do this. I can play in my band, and go on tour, write songs.’”

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The actress added that the authors of Gossip Girl they supported her and helped her in her desire to continue her life as a singer.

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“We can’t make you break your contract. But we can write your exit from the series so you can go on tour. However, you cannot act in other projects.’ And I said, ‘Okay, that’s not what I want to do.’ They added: ‘If we don’t write scenes with your character in the episode you’re not in it.’ And they really allowed me to follow my dream, and I will be eternally grateful to them.”

VAT, which he admitted he has never seen Gossip Girl, was the protagonist of the first four seasons. She appeared in just four episodes of season four – due to touring – before her character moved to London. When season five aired, Taylor he left the series permanently to focus on music, only to return in the final episode of Gossip GirlNew York, I Love You XOXO”which aired in 2012, with a song by The Pretty Reckless.

The band just wrapped up the tour “Death by Rock and Roll”during which they promoted an album that The VAT he wrote after two great deaths in his life. In 2017, the passing of Chris Cornell, died by suicide on the last night of his band’s tour, i Soundgarden, con i The Pretty Reckless. Less than a year later, the “fifth member of the band” and best friend of Momsen, Kato Khandwala, died in a motorcycle accident.

“I fell into a dark hole of depression and substance abuse, and anything that involves death and loss, trauma. I essentially stopped doing everything. I stopped making music; I couldn’t listen to music. It all went dark for a long time.”

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The VAT she closed herself off from everyone, but was eventually able to return to writing new music to honor the legacy of Khandwala. “I’m finishing what we started and I won’t let this bring me down completely. I had to make a very conscious decision at a certain moment – ​​either I was going to die or I was going to move on. I chose to move forward.”

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