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Aaron Paul attacks Netflix: «Crazy: I don’t receive any earnings for Breaking Bad»

Aaron Paul attacks Netflix: «Crazy: I don't receive any earnings from Breaking Bad»

Aaron Paul became famous for playing Jesse Pinkman in Vince Gilligan’s TV series Breaking Bad. The character of the drug dealer, who joins Walter White in his climb to dominate the drug trafficking market, showed the public and critics what he was capable of. The actor remained very attached to the role, which allowed him to win a Primetime Emmy Award three times, and he also returned to play it in the film The way and in the final season of the spin-off Better Call Saul. But Aaron Paul’s career didn’t stop with the end of Vince Gilligan’s series: as well as being one of the voice actors of BoJack Horsemanhe starred in The Path and in one of the best HBO TV series, Westworld. This year he was part of the cast of the new season of Black Mirrorappearing in one of the most popular episodes with audiences. So since she started acting in 1998 Aaron Paul he managed to build a name for himself in the industry and has now decided to put his fame at the service of the claims of Hollywood actors.

The star of Breaking Bad has joined the protests that SAG-AFTRA is leading against the Studios. In a speech released for The Independent Aaron Paul reported a situation he experienced first hand.

All seasons of Breaking Bad have been uploaded to Netflix and ensure huge profits for the streaming platform every year. Despite this, however, Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston and the other actors in the cast do not earn anything from the thousands of views that are recorded on the streaming platform by the series. This is what Jesse Pinkman’s interpreter made known, claiming that the time has come for the situation to change definitively:

I don’t get any revenue from Netflix for Breaking Bad. It’s crazy. It’s right for streaming services to know that if they’ve gotten away with not paying actors so far, well now the time has come to do the math.”

Not only Aaron Paul, but also the colleague Bryan Cranston intervened to support the reasons of the actors who are striking against the Studios. The members of SAG-AFTRA demand from the streaming giants not only the payment of residuals, but also laws that regulate the use of artificial intelligence. Regarding this last point, Bryan Cranston, in a public speech held in New York, lashed out harshly against Bob Iger, the head of Disney:

We have a message for Mr. Bob Iger: I know you see things from a different point of view. We don’t expect her to understand who we are. But we ask you to listen to us when we say that we will not let our jobs be taken away and given to robots. We will not allow it to take away our right to work and earn a living. And finally, above all, we will not allow it to take away our dignity“.

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