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Temptation Island: Mirko Brunetti: “Greta suffers very heavy insults from Perla”

Temptation Island: Mirko Brunetti: "Greta suffers very heavy insults from Perla"

The 26-year-old on Instagram accused his ex-girlfriend Perla of insulting Greta Rossetti for some time, the former temptress he fell head over heels for on Temptation Island.

After an exchange of social digs between Perla Vatiero and Greta Rossettiintervened today straight away Mirko Brunettithe 26th originally from Rieti who participated in the journey of feelings of Temptation Island falling in love and getting engaged to the former Milanese temptress.

Temptation Island, Mirko Brunetti against Perla: “Greta suffers very heavy insults inside but above all outside social media”

There would be a sort of showdown that we will witness during the next episodes of Men women in which all three former participants were guests but, in the meantime, Mirko he blurted out on Instagram accusing Perla of insulting Greta for two months now.

“I’ll start by saying that the only intention is for certain things to come out as they happened and which I let slide for too long – Mirko wrote in an Ig Stories – I don’t like the fake do-goodism and victimism in favor of cameras and social media. For two months now, Greta has been subjected to very serious insults on social media, but above all outside, by the person concerned. I have remained silent out of character and to avoid discussions. We have been far too gentlemen to remain silent. But we are human beings too and everything has a limit. Respect must be mutual and not just for convenience. PS: However, despite everything, the only one who has never expressed himself on other stories and who from inside the village to today has not spat on the plate he ate on is me. There are those who forget too quickly.”

Lately, Mirkoassured that the whole truth will be revealed soon probably on the occasion of the episode of Maria De Filippi’s dating show in which they were guests last week.

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