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I Am Groot 2, from September 6th on Disney+

I Am Groot 2, from September 6th on Disney+

I Am Groot 2, from September 6th on Disney+

I Am Groot, the collection of animated shorts of the hero of the Cotati race returns with season 2, with five more contents.

Enter the world of Disney+ now.

I Am Groot 2, what is it about

The mischievous little tree returns to cause trouble in the second season of I Am Groot. This time, Baby Grootaboard the spaceships of the Guardians, finds himself exploring the universe and beyond, coming face to face – or nose to nose – with colorful new creatures and environments.

I Am Groot 2, cast and characters

Vin Diesel returns to give voice to Big, in the original version, in five brand new short films. The character was created by Stan Lee, Larry Dear e Jack Kirby.

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Kirsten Lepore, writer/director of the first season, she returns in the same role for the second. The supervising producer And Danielle Costa; the producers are Craig Rittenbaum e Alex Scharf; the executive producers are Brad Winderbaum,Kevin Feige, Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso and Kirsten Lepore. Dana Vasquez-Eberhardt she is co-executive producer.

I Am Groot 2, episode

In total there are five animated shorts for this second season of the animated series. Each will tell a different moment in the childhood of the character who soon became one of the favorites of theUniversoCinematograficoMarvel, especially loved by the little ones. Here are the (original) titles and plots.

Episodio 1: “Are You My Groot?”

Groot comes across a strange egg in a nest while exploring the alien planet Terma. He immediately falls in love with the little creature that emerges when the egg breaks, adopting her as his own.

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Episodio 2: “Groot Noses Around”

When Groot discovers a bionic nose-shaped device that gives him a sense of smell, he quickly learns not to stick his new nose where it doesn’t belong.

Episode 3: “Groot’s Snow Day”

After landing on the frozen planet Falligar, Groot fashions a snowman out of pieces of the spaceship, inadvertently creating an unstoppable snowman robot that wreaks havoc.

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Episodio 4: “Groot’s Sweet Treat”

As an intergalactic ice cream truck approaches, Groot – desperate for a treat – frantically searches the ship for coins. Mikky Ekko sings the song that appears in the credits.

Episodio 5: “Groot and the Great Prophecy”

In this Watcher-narrated adventure, Groot finds himself in the heart of an ancient temple on the planet Drez-Lar with a mythical prophecy he must fulfill to save the universe.

I Am Groot 2, trailer

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At the beginning of the article you will find the official trailer for the second season.

I Am Groot 2, in streaming

Destined for the Disney+ streaming service, I Am Groot it’s a series of animated shorts which tell the stories of Baby Grootthe most beloved character of The Guardians of the Galaxy who has a voice in the original version Vin Diesel.