Belen Rodriguez and Elio Lorenzoni: love has taken flight!

The Argentine showgirl and the entrepreneur from Bergamo photographed by Chi in the Dolomites.

The love between them literally took flight Belen Rodriguez ed Elio Lorenzoni. The Argentine showgirl and the handsome entrepreneur from Bergamo were in fact spotted by paparazzi in the Dolomites, launching themselves paragliding in what was a romantic weekend they spent in Pinzolo, in Trentino Alto Adige.

“Stefano De Martino and Antonino Spinalbese seem to have never met Elio Lorenzoni”, Chi’s new background story on Belen Rodriguez’s new love

The weekly Chi he immortalized them during their adventure, revealing new background on the couple who days ago, for the first time, made the union official on the ex’s highly followed Instagram profile From Martino.

“The summer ends as it began: – writes Valerio Palmieri on Chi – with the story between Belen Rodriguez and Elio Lorenzoni. Here they are in the mountains, where their relationship took flight, literally, on a paraglider. They arrived in Pinzolo on Friday evening, they stayed in a suite with a swimming pool, and spent most of Saturday there, while on Sunday they experienced the panorama of the Dolomites. A jeep accompanied them to the take-off point and then they launched with the instructors.”

“It was “Chi” who launched the scoop on the new couple last July. Belen, in fact, showed up at Ignazio Moser’s birthday party, a family reunion of the Rodriguez family, with Elio. Surprising everyone, even the birthday boy and Belen’s sister, Cecilia. The new couple already appeared very close, she was fixing her companion’s shirt, they touched each other and, on their return, they went up to the showgirl’s house. A month earlier, last June, however, Belen was was photographed with the family with De Martino, on a boat between Ponza and Palmarola. The couple was already in crisis, but had decided to hold on for the sake of their children, Santiago and Luna Marì, born from the bond between Belen and Antonio Spinalbese. It lasted little. In fact, on 7 July, at the presentation of the Rai schedules, De Martino, Rai-due’s leading presenter, had arrived without a wedding ring on his finger (he had the ring, but it was stuck in the necklace, hidden under his shirt). days later Belen came out of the closet with Elio. Their bond was presented as the evolution of a friendship: they have known each other for years. But there is a curious background to this point.”

“It would seem, in fact, that neither De Martino nor Spinalbese had ever met Elio. Was he therefore a silent presence, ready to wait for the right moment to arrive? Certainly the meaning of the old photo published by Belen was: I have known Elio for years, he is not a header, it’s a relationship that has solid foundations.”

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