5 great comedy TV series from the past that struggle to entertain younger people

Humor is something that changes over time: what entertained our parents will not necessarily be able to make us laugh. On the other hand, we ourselves, during different phases of our lives, can end up hating something that we once found hilarious. For comedy TV series this is more true than ever. The reason is easy to say: over time not only comic styles change, but also the sensitivity and taste of people, who may not appreciate something that was once considered a true classic. With the following article we now want to try to talk to you about some series which, despite enjoying good success and appreciation at the time of their release, now do not seem to be able to entertain and entertain the new generations. Even if we are well aware that there are always exceptions, it seems that series like Two men and a half e Camera Café particularly struggle to appeal to many young people.

Without further ado, here are 5 great TV series of the past, including sitcoms and comedies, which struggle to entertain younger people, from Two and a Half Men to All in the Family. Enjoy the reading!

Camera Café

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Let’s start our list with a series that needs no introduction, Camera Caféwhich aired on Italia 1with some breaks lasting years from 2003 to 2017 for a total of 1715 episodes.

For those who grew up with us, see Camera Café on this list may strike a chord but, as iconic and unique as it is, the series has failed to appeal to younger audiences, who were mostly disconcerted by its unique way of staging its short sketches e deliberately stereotyped characters in a very small location. Camera Caféwith its irreverence and jokes that are often very cynical and full of jokes that make fun of everyone, finds its perfect place in a very specific era and with a different sensitivity, aspects that do not allow all young people to appreciate this great series , a unicum in the history of Italian television.

Everybody Loves Raymond

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Everyone loves Raymond it is a series that is more anchored in the imagination of the American public than in that of our country. Centered on a Long Island family between the end of the 90s and the beginning of the 2000s, the series centers on the eponymous Raymond of the title, a sports journalist who juggles his everyday life with his wife, children, and rather intrusive parents and brother. Seen through the eyes of a modern-day young man, Everybody Loves Raymond however, it may be difficult to see and not very entertaining. With a vision and numerous jokes that appear problematic to say the least to today’s audiences. To be honest, it is a series that shows even more than its age.

Two men and a half

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It may be controversial from various points of view, Two men and a halfthe sitcom on Chuck Lorre and starring the problematic Charlie Sheen, during its first broadcast it achieved a very high success. The story of the womanizer Charlie who finds himself having to host his spineless brother Alan and the latter’s son, Jake, at her house, while managing to be nice, is the result of the era in which it was conceived, still welloco is careful to promote an equal society. The character of Charlie, a sex addict alcoholic who treats all women as if they were furnishings to be changed once he’s fed up, simply no longer works today and anyone approaching the series for the first time could be really disappointed by Two men and a half and its humor, as well as the annoying pre-recorded laughter typical of sitcoms of the period.

All in family

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After Two and a Half Men we arrive at All in the Family

In the early 2000s, All in familyin original My Wife and Kids, was simply a classic, one of those omnipresent series on Italia 1 that kept us company and was a pleasant pastime. Those who approach the series now, however, especially the younger ones, generally agree that they don’t find it All in family then very funny. The series, despite some nice jokes, unlike other sitcoms of the period, does not manage to enjoy the same charisma and ends up being quite repetitive at times. Someone gags don’t age well and the fact that the series ends without giving an answer to the cliffhanger that closes its last season do not contribute to its success All in family appealing to younger audiences.

Life according to Jim

We are aware that there are still many who nostalgically remember Life According to Jim, a family-themed sitcom that follows the life of the incorrigible Jim (played by Jim Belushi), his wife Cherylher three children and brothers-in-law Andy and Dana. However, the majority of young people who approached the series were not bewitched by the charisma of its protagonist, who over the course of the eight seasons of show always remains the same. In fact, among the defects highlighted most stands out: toxic masculinity of Jim and his selfish way of approaching his loved ones, as well as the often superficial way of dealing with some issues, inevitably deriving from a different way of writing and dealing with delicate topics and which today would not have had the green light to be widespread. Ua series that must therefore be contextualized to the different sensitivity of the time but which, precisely for this reason, might not seem very fun to those approaching it for the first time.

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