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Salma Hayek’s bikini photos stun her colleagues: a shower of good wishes online

Salma Hayek's bikini photos stun her colleagues: a shower of good wishes online

On her fifty-seventh birthday, Salma Hayek posted some stunning bikini photos. The post did not go unnoticed and affectionate wishes arrived from Hollywood stars.

Among the fifty-year-old stars of the cinema firmament who do not look their age, he is not the only one Jennifer Lopezche ne The Girls of Wall Street she bewitched the entire globe with a number of lap dances and eye-catching necklines. Also Salma Hayek He’s in great shape and really looks like the wretch Dorian Gray, has a portrait in the attic that ages in his place.

If we speak with full knowledge of the facts, it is because, on the day she turned 57, the Mexican actress posted some photos of herself in a bikini on Instagram. It goes without saying that the shots highlight a breathtaking physique. Some have said of her that as she gets older she improves just like a good wine, while others have included her in the list of actors who least show their years, together with Tom Cruise, Halle Berry e Paul Rudd. But what interests us today are the greetings that have arrived Hayek from illustrious colleagues, who sent her sincere compliments.

I fan di Salma Hayek they know very well that their darling is a marvel in the two-piece swimsuit. And in fact, some time ago, the actress celebrated national bikini day with a beautiful photo next to which she wrote:

Can you believe that the bikini has only been around for 77 years? Let’s hope no one forbids it.

Photos of Salma Hayek super sexy in a bikini

On the occasion of his fifty-seventh birthday, Salma Hayek she therefore wore a two-piece costume, red with white lace. Here is her message:

I am happy to exist and grateful to life for all the blessings it has given me: my beloved family, my precious friends, my health, my job, which still keeps me on track, and then my team, which for me it is a stimulus, my relationship with animals and nature, and above all the love of all my fans. Happy fifty-seventh birthday to me!!!

Commenting on the post of Salma it was for example Bella Thorneeven if the most affectionate message is that of Sir Anthony Hopkins. Best wishes to the actress also arrived from Priyanka Chopra, Julianne Moore, Xavier Dolan, Miranda Kerr.

  • Bella Thorne: Goals! Happy birthday!!
  • Anthony Hopkins: Happy Birthday Salma We love you
  • Priyanka Chopra: Happy birthday gorgeous
  • Julianne Moore; Happy birthday!
  • Xavier Dolan:¬†Happy birthday
  • Miranda Kerr: Happy Birthday Angel

The last movie we saw Salma Hayek was Magic Mike – The Last Dancein which she performed a very sensual dance with Channing Tatum. And speaking of dancing, the most recent post by Salma portrays her, in costume and cover-up, dancing to the tune of Chan Chan of the Good view Social Club. The caption reads:

Life is a set of phases with beginnings and ends, that’s why sometimes it’s okay to feel like butterflies even if we let go of a part of us