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A tweet that went viral may have revealed the identity of the father in How I Met Your Father

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The news dates back to a few days ago that How I Met Your Father, spin-off of the popular comedy from 2005 How I Met Your Mother starring the former Disney Channel star Hilary Duffwas officially canceled by Hulu after just two seasons. The cancellation announcement came less than two months after the release of finale of the second seasonnow become the series finalereleased on July 11 in the US and in Italy on July 26 on Disney+.

Set approximately eight years after the finale of How I Met Your Mother, How I Met Your Father follows the storyline main series of the mother series, however, reversing its perspective. This time, in fact, the protagonist is Sophieplayed by Hilary Duff and Kim Catrall in the adult version, who decides to tell her son the story of how she met his father. Alongside thirty-year-old Sophie we find a fun and bizarre group of friends, made up of her roommate and best friend Valentina (France Raisa)from the latter’s new boyfriend Charlie (Tom Ainsley)and their new friends Jesse (Chris Lowell), Sid (Suraj Sharma) ed Ellen (Tien Tran).

Unfortunately, How I Met Your Father has been canceled by Hulu before we could discover the father’s identity. Unlike what had happened in How I Met Your Motherhowever, the list of potential fathers it had already been restricted in the first episode of the first season. If initially the main suspect was Jessewith whom Sophie had had an immediate understanding, the possibility that her father soon arose it could be one of the other members of the group of friendsthat is to say Charlie o Sid, who in the second season became a decidedly plausible candidate. Also, one should not forget about Sophie’s ex-boyfriend Drew (Josh Peck) it is the first love-interest introduced in the series, Ian (Daniel Augustin)The mystery linked to the father’s identity seems destined to remain unsolved. Or maybe not?

A Twitter user claims to know the identity of the father in How I Met Your Father

Immediately after the news of the cancellation of the series available on Disney+, theTwitter user hankofjuly published a tweet in which he seems to have revealed the identity of the father. In particular, the user claimed that he would have been the one to unravel the mystery a screenwriter and comedian That, angry at being fired from the Hulu series, he allegedly spoiled it for his audience during a sketch. “I remember going to a John Mulaney show last December“, hankofjuly wrote in his post, “e one of the comedians who opened the show was a writer on this show but he got fired and was so angry who told us that the father is ‘the Indian boy‘.

According to this indiscretion, therefore, the father of Sophie’s child would be Sid. Needless to say, the tweet it immediately went viral and it seemed like a confirmation of the suspicions that many fans had already had for some time. Yet, there are already those who would have rejected this theoryclaiming that the comedian in question would have changed the joke in others performancereplacing from time to time “the Indian boy” with other potential fathers. Anyway, no official confirmation whether Sid is really the father came from series co-creators Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger. Will we ever find out the truth?

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