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The Crown: Josh O’Connor didn’t want to star in the series that won him the Emmy

The Crown: Josh O'Connor didn't want to star in the series that won him the Emmy

I fan di The Crown and the same hit series as Netflix they risked not having Josh O’Connor in what turned out to be Prince Charles’ most successful interpretation. In a recent interview with GQconducted before the SAG-AFTRA strike, the British actor admitted that he initially didn’t want to audition for the role and that he only changed his mind after reading the script for a scene from the third season, the first of two that they involved.

The Crown: Josh O’Connor worried about the popularity of the TV series

O’Connor made his debut as the no-nonsense eldest son of the late Queen Elizabeth II in the middle of the third season, later sharing many of his scenes, especially in the fourth season, with Emma Corrin, interpreter of the late Princess Diana. For his portrayal, O’Connor was awarded the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. Things could have gone differently, not only for his career, if he hadn’t changed his mind. What worried him was not only the complexity of such an important role, but also managing a certain level of fame that comes with such a popular show, something he didn’t really like.

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“It was a messy time,” O’Connor said. “I found it very impactful, people stopped me. You want to be part of things that are successful and seen, but I think sometimes we underestimate how powerful even a slight loss of anonymity can be.” Despite all the success he’s achieved in recent years, the actor said he often thinks back to the time when he was working on smaller film and television projects: “What I was doing in my career before The Crown – I just wanted to keep doing it.”