Gabriel Guevara arrested in Venice for rape

The protagonist of It’s My Fault? Gabriel Guevara was arrested on Saturday in Venice on rape charges. The actor had not been invited directly by the Festival, as the Biennale immediately clarified.

At the Venice Film Festival there was an unexpected event which had nothing to do with the selection of the eightieth Venice Film Festival and which concerned a teenager’s idol: Gabriel Guevara. The actor, who became famous thanks to the Spanish version of Shame and above all thanks to the film It’s my fault? he was arrested on September 2, to general amazement.

But what was he doing? Gabriel Guevara at the Lido of Venice? She had to receive an award, to be precise the Filming Italy Best Movie International Award Young Generation. He should have received the recognition on the evening of Sunday 3 September, but obviously this was not the case. Of the absence of Guevara his fans noticed, eagerly awaiting him armed with posters and panels.

Gabriel Guevara accused of rape

Gabriel Guevara he was therefore placed in handcuffs by the Italian police. The arrest warrant was issued by the French authorities, since, precisely in the country of Sun King and Camembert, the actor was accused of sexual assault. Naively, Gabriel he had told on social media about his trip to Venice.

As is natural, the Biennale wanted to clarify that it had not invited Guevara for the Venice Festival, and released an official statement. The award ceremony was also cancelled. His mother intervened in the actor’s defense Marlene Morreauwho declared in a video broadcast on Spanish TV that Gabriel he has not returned to France since the age of 12. The woman is a famous French model, actress and presenter. It seems that the Spanish justice system resolved the case in favor of the actor through a statement stating that the arrest was irregular. Here is the statement from the lawyer Gabriel Guevara. Rape, however, dates back to when Gabriel he was a minor.

We hope that he will be released soon, once the error of a detention that we consider to be irregular has been demonstrated.

The career of Gabriel Guevara

In addition to achieving success with Shame, Gabriel Guevara he became an icon thanks to the film It’s my fault?, a title that continues to be very popular on Prime Video. Arrived on the streaming platform at the beginning of June, it also stars Nicole Wallace and it is a teen drama centered on a “forbidden” love. The story takes place in Los Angeles, is full of twists and turns and is taken from Trilogy of Guilt Of Mercedes Ron. The direction is by Domingo Gonzalez and two sequels are also in the works: It’s your fault? Ed Is it our fault?

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After Shame, Gabriel Guevara starred in the series Bose and in the Netflix series You are not special. His debut film is the drama Charter Of Amanda Kernell.

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