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Big Brother, Basciagoni breakup: an unexpected gesture reveals how things are!

Big Brother, Basciagoni breakup: an unexpected gesture reveals how things are!

Following the stories of Sophie Codegoni of Big Brother, the Basciagoni fans seem increasingly convinced that the couple has reached the end of the line. But an unexpected social gesture seems to shed new light on the story.

Unsolvable crisis Between Sophie Codegoni e Alessandro Bascianoi Kisses What did the fans name them? For the couple of Big Brother Has the relationship really come to an end? A social gesture seems to reveal how things are…

GF, Basciagoni in crisis? All lost? Maybe not…

For several days there have been rumors about a possible crisis between the Basciagoni and while the other times the couple took immediate action to deny the rumors of a crisis, this time, however, it seems that this is not the case. Lately, Sophie Codegoni revealed how things are between her and Alessandro Basciano.The couple, born in the house of GFis experiencing a very difficult moment, as confirmed by Gieffina herself, who however added that she hopes they will overcome everything “with love and positivity”.

The two met and fell in love in the house of Big Brother and they have been officially engaged for a year, when Basciano he got down on one knee on the red carpet in Venice to propose to her. Since then, the couple welcomed a daughter, Celine Blue, born on May 12 and it seemed that their relationship could not be dented by anything. The recent rumors about the end of their story have followed one another with so much insistence that Codegoni she decided to publish a story on social media in which she admitted that the period she and her partner were experiencing was not the best, but that they would try to overcome it for the love of their family.

But, to the detriment of those who are already crying out for the final farewell, a social gesture has arrived that could still leave some hope: A video posted on Instagram shows Sophie Codegoni intent on playing hoola hop with a friend and the video was shot by Basciano himself who also reshared it in the stories. Probably, both are aware of the difficult moment they are experiencing and are trying to exorcise it, spending time together and trying to rebuild the lost complicity. Whether they succeed or not remains to be discovered.

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