According to George RR Martin, Six Feet Under has «the best ending in the history of television»

Six Feet Underthe TV series created by Alan Ball for HBO, is considered one of the best television productions of all time. Aired for the first time in 2001, it received critical acclaim right from the start, who fell in love with the depth of her writing. Six Feet UnderIn fact, thanks to its five seasons it managed to earn 53 nominations for the Emmy Awards and to win an award at the TV Oscars nine times. At the center of the plot were the events of the Fisher family, who ran a funeral home in Los Angeles. Death, a constant presence in the lives of the protagonists, became in each episode a starting point to reflect on their lives and religion. The epilogue of the Fishers’ story is considered one of the most successful endings in TV history and has often been praised for the emotions it managed to convey in its viewers.

Among the many admirers of the finale of Six Feet Under there’s a man who knows something about writing: George RR Martin.

The author of the fantasy novels, on which the TV series was based Game of Thronesoften enjoys sharing some thoughts with fans on his very popular blog. A few days ago, commenting on an article written by Vanity Fair USA who had drawn up a ranking of the best episodes ever broadcast on TV, wanted to express his opinion. First of all, he admitted that he was very satisfied when he learned that the journalist had decided to include in the list one of the episodes that he personally wrote for Game of Thrones. In this case it was about Blackwater (translated into Italian as The siege) which is also one of George RR Martin’s favorite episodes. Continuing the man wrote in the blog:

I haven’t seen all the other episodes on the list… but I have to say the ones I did watch were overall amazing, so I can’t argue with many of VANITY FAIR’s choices. Mad Men’s ‘Happy Birthday’, the heartbreaking ‘Decline’ in Breaking Bad… The Sopranos has so many great episodes, but ‘Hunt the Russian’ was special… For The Wire they chose an episode with a very painful death… And Black Mirror is an amazing series in so many ways, but ‘San Junipero’ is the episode I keep rewatching to this day”.

Among the many episodes cited by Vanity Fair But George RR Martin stopped to talk about one episode in particular which, according to him, is a cut above the others. This is precisely the exciting epilogue of Six Feet Under which, according to him, is the best ending in the entire history of television. He explained:

If I had to choose one episode on that list that is ‘more perfect’ than the others, however, would be the finale of Six Feet Under. I liked that series quite a bit, although I can’t say I loved it like Rome, Deadwood or Fargo. But that last episode of Six Feet Under is by far the best ending in the entire history of television, I can’t imagine anything better.

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