The Promise Previews September 4, 2023: Manuel is in a coma. Jimena struggles to stay close to him!

Let’s see together the previews of the episode of La Promessa broadcast on 4 September 2023 on Canale5. The plots of the episode of the new Soap reveal that Manuel will be at home but unconscious. Jimena won’t be able to stay close to him, feeling uncomfortable seeing him like this. Jana on the other hand…

The Previews of the double episode of The promisebroadcast on September 4, 2023starting from 2.45pm are Canale5they reveal to us that Manuel will return to the estate male his health condition will be critical. The boy will be in a coma and he will not be able to regain consciousness but not even to respond to stimuli. Cruz will be very anxious both for him and for his father and she will ask Romulo to help her look for the Baron. Curro will propose itself for help in searches while Don Alonsotaken care of by his son, he won’t give much weight to the disappearance. Jana will have to get rid of the gun and bullets While Maria will be worried about Salvador e Lope will be close to her. Il cuoco he’s going to run though a serious danger. Father Camillowho will still be a guest of the Lujans for a long time, he will try to convince Jimena a leave the villa of the marquises and return home, since it will be clear that the girl will not be able to look at her boyfriend stretched out and inert on the bed.

Previews The Promise: Manuel is at home but unconscious

Manuel survived all’plane crash e Cruz is willing that the boy was immediately brought home. Once at the estate, it will be clear that the boy’s condition is disastrous. The young man he will not regain consciousness and will not be able to respond to stimuli. The Marquise will be very worried about him and the doctors will confirm that this condition could last a long time. Jimena meanwhile she won’t be able to stay close to him. A mix of anxiety and discomfort will begin to pervade her.

The Promise Previews: Cruz in search of the Baron but Don Alonso…

Cruz will be anxious for both his son That for his father. There will still be no news of the Baron and the marquise will consider all this very strange. The woman she will ask Romulo to lend her a hand to look for it and Curro will propose to her aunt to help her. She, unexpectedly, will accept. Meanwhile Jana, Maria, Pia e Teresa they will be a lot tense about this situation. What do they have to do with the disappearance of the nobleman? What have they done? Petra meanwhile will inform Simona and Candela That Father Camillo will remain at the estate for a while longergiven that the parish of León is not yet ready.

Plots and Previews The Promise: Jimena in crisis. Camillo takes advantage of it

The Manuel’s health condition will impress Jimena. The girl he will struggle to stay next to his partner e Camillo will take advantage of it per insist on the girlso that you go back to your parents’ house. Meanwhile Jana he will be able to withdraw all the threatening letters he wrote to the Baron but he will have to get rid of the gun with bullets While Don Alonsotoo busy taking care of his son, it won’t be cured more than it should of disappearance of his father-in-law and this it will infuriate Cruz. Maria will be anxious for Salvador and sad about his departure. Lope will try to cheer her up but he will soon have to face a very big problem. The Marchesa is about to go down to the kitchen and find out what the servants are up to.

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The promise va broadcast from Monday to Friday at ore 14.45 are Canale5.

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