Temptation Island, criticism for Manuel Marascio and Isabella Recalcati on the red carpet of Venezia80: the reply arrives!

The Temptation Island couple formed by Manuel Marascio and Isabella Recalcati walked the red carpet at Venezia80. After the numerous criticisms received, here is how those directly involved responded.

It is held from August 30th to September 9th the 80th Venice International Film Festival Venezia and the red carpet lights up with stars from the world of entertainment and beyond. Although this year, due to a strike by Hollywood actors and screenwriters, there will be very few international stars on the parade, there will, however, be VIPs from the world of reality TV. An example are Manuel Marascio e Isabella Recalcatione of the pairs of Temptation Island.

Temptation Island, Manuel Marascio and Isabella Recalcati respond to criticism for the red carpet in Venice80

The couple left the reality show together Canale5 has been besieged by criticism and controversy: in fact, they are not the only exponents of a reality show to tread the red carpet, fueling the anger of those who believe that influencers and any VIPs outside the world of cinema should not participate in events such as Venice80.

Since their presence on the red carpet sparked numerous controversies, Manuel Marascio he decided to respond to those who thought it best to offend him and his girlfriend. In fact, on Instagram, answering some questions from fans, Marascio he expressed his opinion decisively, silencing the usual keyboard lions:

“It’s an event for everyone, we had an invitation to a film. For info, anyone who wants can buy a ticket”

With this dry statement, the former contestant of the program hosted by Filippo Bisciglia he wanted to clarify that his presence and that of Isabella Recalcati on the red carpet was due to an invitation, thus extinguishing any possible reply or controversy towards them.

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