Venice Film Festival: Adam Driver, Patrick Dempsey, Michael Mann and a flaming Ferrari 315 S on the red carpet – The Photos

On the occasion of the competition presentation of Michael Mann’s eagerly awaited new film, on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival, together with the actors Adam Driver and Patrick Dempsey and the director of the film, there was a splendid Ferrari model 315 S. Here are the most beautiful photos of the event.

Directly from red carpet of the Venice Film Festival 2023below you can see some of the more beautiful photos of yesterday evening, with the arrival of director Michael Mann and the actors at the Palazzo del Cinema Adam Driver e Patrick Dempseybefore the official presentation in competition of Ferrarithe eagerly awaited new film by the American director focused on the figure of legendary Enzo Ferrari.
In “representation” of the historic Maranello car manufacturer, Piero Ferrari, son of the manufacturer, was also present on the red carpetit’s a splendid and flaming Ferrari 315 Sobviously red, model built in 1957, the year in which Michael Mann’s film is set.
Ferrari, who sees in his cast Penélope Cruz, Jack O’Connell, Shailene Woodley, Sarah Gadon and Gabriel Leone will also arrive in Italian cinemas next November 30th with 01Distribution.

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Ferrari: the most beautiful photos from the red carpet in Venice of Michael Mann’s new film

(photo by Luca Carlino)

Ferrari: the official plot and the first Italian trailer of the film

FERRARI is an epic, spectacular and exciting cinematic experience, set in the fascinating and risky world of car racing in the 1950s: the story of a legend who built an unshakable myth and became a global icon.

Modena 1957. Enzo Ferrari, former driver and builder of the most famous cars in the world, is experiencing a personal and professional crisis. The company that he had created from nothing ten years earlier is in serious difficulty and his marriage to his wife Laura is also becoming increasingly stormy after the death of their only son Dino and the discovery of the existence of Piero, the son Ferrari had had from an extramarital affair. In search of redemption, the “Drake” decides to stake everything on a speed race held in Italy: the legendary Mille Miglia.

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