And Just Like That, Samantha’s return explained: all about the cameo

And Just Like That, the return of Samantha

It’s no longer a mystery: in the finale of the second season of And Just Like Thattorna Samantha Jones. Kim Cattrallthe actress who plays Samantha Jones in Sex and the Citymakes a cameo at the end of the series of episodes of And Just Like That number 2. His appearance on the small screen lasts a few minutes, but they are enough to drive the most loyal fans crazy. What does her cameo mean?

How is Samantha’s return in And Just Like That, what happens

The fourth friend of the quartet of Sex and the City appears in the finale of the second season of the sequel, And Just Like That with a farewell phone call. In reality, it has a very specific meaning that deeply touches the hearts of the spectators. In fact, in the last episode of AJLT 2, a farewell dinner is organized in the iconic and historic home of the protagonist of Sex and the City: Carrie. The latter is ready to change her life and start a new chapter with Aidan and the cat she adopted. Furthermore, Sarah Jessica Parker has truly become the owner of the kitten seen in the series. The dinner becomes a symbolic farewell, therefore, to a Carrie from the past. However, if you saw the ending, you know that not everything goes smoothly. In the immediate future, Carrie’s plans are upset… While the various things are summed up storylinefrom Charlotte to Miranda, Samantha is back too.

The greeting between Carrie and Samantha is a tribute to the twenty-fifth anniversary of the mother series, Sex and the City.

Here is the conversation between the two friends:

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Carrie: “Hello, London. What’s going on, ma’am?”

Samantha: “My flight is three hours late, Carrie. I won’t be able to get there in time.”

Carrie: “In time for what?”

Samantha: “For the last supper. Miranda and Charlotte told me everything. I wanted to surprise you.”

Carrie: “Oh, my God. Well, you did it. I’m very surprised.”

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Samantha: “Well, the fog has finally lifted, but what about the crew? He’s finished his shift. Oh, I’m furious!”

Carrie: “But no, no, no, don’t worry. We will meet tomorrow.”

Samantha: “Darling, I’ve just left Heathrow. I would have returned on the first flight in the morning.”

Carrie: “Wait a minute… Were you coming all the way to New York for a night?”

Samantha: “Well, it’s your apartment and I have to offer you my condolences. So… put me on speaker. Come on, put me on speaker and hold up the phone.”

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Carrie: “Okay, you’re on speakerphone.”

Samantha: “Thanks for everything, you fucking fabulous, fabulous apartment.”

Carrie: “Samantha, do you have a British accent?”

Samantha: “Who is Samantha? I’m Annabelle Bronstein. I come from “Injah”. Thank you and goodbye. Good evening.”

And Just Like That 2, chi è Annabelle Bronstein

In light of Samantha Jones’ handful of minutes in scenes of And Just Like That 2you might ask yourself: Who is Annabelle Bronstein? Let’s refresh your memory. In the tenth episode of the sixth season of Sex and the City Samantha wants to enter the swimming pool at Soho House. To achieve your goal, use Annabelle’s pass.

If you wonder who Annabelle Bronstein is, we’ll answer you in kind, as Samantha would: “Who is Samantha? I’m Annabelle Bronstein.”

How much was Kim Cattrall paid for her cameo in And Just Like That?

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Kim Cattrall (Margaret Monreaux) in a scene from Filthy Rich - Rich and guilty.  Credits: Star/Disney Plus.
Kim Cattrall (Margaret Monreaux) in a scene from Filthy Rich – Rich and guilty. Credits: Star/Disney Plus.

According to American and British media reports such as NZ Herald the amount that Kim Cattrall took for her cameo in And Just Like That it would be astronomical. We’re talking about a million dollars for a minute. If this information were to be true, it would be thirteen thousand dollars a second.

Will Samantha return in season 3 of And Just Like That?

Season 3 of And Just Like That is confirmed in advance of the broadcast of the finale of the previous one. In fact, two days after the last episode – the one with Samantha’s cameo! – the Max platform announces that the series will return with a third season.

However, Kim Cattral he states in an interview also reported by National World That he did not sign on for further appearances in the series. The cameo is to be interpreted as a homage to Sex and the City and a gift for fans of this iconic title.

Will Samantha have a Sex and the City spinoff?

Following in the wake of his statements above, Samantha is unlikely to have a spinoff of Sex and the City. However, “never say never”! The fans would like it and, we know well that – historically – series fans have turned many destinies upside down.

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