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The Promise 17-21 July 2023, previews

The Promise 17-21 July 2023, previews

The Promise 4-8 September 2023 previews

Advances The promise 4-8 September 2023: the Spanish costume soap broadcast for the first time on Mediaset networks continues on Canale 5.

ATTENTION: from 4 to 8 September 2023 the programming of the soap provides a double daily episodeMonday to Friday at 14:45 at 16:55 about on Channel 5.

As an alternative to linear broadcasting, you can follow the episodes in streaming on Mediaset Infinity, subject to schedule changes.

Here are the weekly previews of The promise September 4-8, 2023!

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Arturo Sancho (Manuel) and Eva Martin (Cruz) born
Arturo Sancho (Manuel) and Eva Martin (Cruz) in “La Promessa” Credits: Mediaset

The Promise episodes 66 and 67 on Monday 4 September 2023

The Promise plot episode 66

In the next plots of the soap Alonso returns and is warmly greeted by Catalina. Meanwhile Manuel is still in like, keeping the inhabitants of the Palace on their toes. If on the one hand Jimena she seems not to react to the pain, becoming tense, from the other Jana is in thought for Manuel. For this reason, thanks to Mauro’s support, she secretly manages to enter Manuel’s room to check the boy’s conditions, to whom she also gives him massages to improve circulation and counteract any muscle problems.

Padre Camilo creates tensions between the servants and the cooks, provoking the reaction of Petra. Meanwhile, the false priest extends his stay thanks to an impromptu idea from Petra. Cruz she is devastated and grieves for Manuel. Romulus he pretends to maintain some security, but is losing confidence, even in the eyes of Pia, who fears for her fragile health. Later Alonso informa Curro that the tutor for the entrance exam to Beaumont College in Windsor will soon arrive, as requested by the baron for the education of the young man starting from the following year.

The Promise plot episode 67

Jana e Maria they argue among themselves after discovering a new threatening message addressed to the baron, but they manage to hide it well in the end. Meanwhile Cruz she is worried about the Baron’s health and asks a Romulus to send communications to his dear friends. Later Jana gets close to Manuel and find a moment of solitude to talk to him. Petra enters the kitchen complaining of the smells that spread through the house and has a heated argument with CandelaSimon and Lope. Meanwhile, Mauro realizes that the baron has gone away, however, leaving some objects at the Promise and suspects something.

The Promise episodes 68 and 69 on Tuesday 5 September 2023

The Promise plot episode 68

Later Cruz goes down to the kitchen but, noticing the presence of Lope, rages at the staff and promises to take appropriate measures. The folks understand that Petra may have reported to the masters. Soon after Maria e Teresa they confirm this hypothesis by making the woman confess.

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Meanwhile Cruz e Alonso they discuss the measures to be taken towards the staff. After an initial disagreement, they decide they will fire Lope, Simona and Candela as soon as they assemble a new team to put behind the stove. In the meantime, Manuelstill unconscious, has seizures and the doctor tries to find out the cause.

Meanwhile Jana she is anxious about Manuel’s condition and would like to act. On the contrary, Jimena is troubled by her condition and she prefers to avoid meeting him. Afterwards Curro he assumes command of the searches to find the baron, of whom there is still no trace.

The Promise plot episode 69

The health of Manuel still not making improvements, and because of this Jana visit him often. One day, however, during their dialogue, he suddenly and repeatedly shakes her hand, despite her unconsciousness. Petra try to persuade Cruz to immediately dismiss all domestic staff by offering herself as a possible new housekeeper.

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Alonso informa Romulus the arrival of a new butler to supervise him and the other servants. After presenting a report to the Marquis, the Marquis himself will decide whether and who to dismiss. In the meantime, Catalina defends Lope and intercedes on his behalf with his father. Martina recommend to Curro to concentrate on himself and on his studies while Catalina offers its help in this regard. Lope give to Maria a music box that Salvador bought as a gift for their first month together before leaving for Africa. Between Cruz e Alonso strong tension is felt due to Manuel’s health conditions.

The Promise episodes 70 and 71 on Wednesday 6 September 2023

The Promise plot episode 70

Jimena she still hasn’t been able to overcome the pain for Manuel’s health conditions, avoiding any contact with him. At this point, therefore, the Duke of the Infants she decides that the time has come to get her daughter away from Manuel and goes to get her. Despite this, Jimena doesn’t have the heart to abandon her future husband. In the meantime, Alonso he implements his threat and the new butler enters La Promessa, immediately demonstrating an unfriendly attitude. Candela e Simona they confide in Teresa to suspect that Father Camilo is hiding something shady and they ask for his help to investigate him. Teresa writes a letter to the Diocese of Leon for further information. Speaking of letters, too Maria receives a communication from Salvador, but the news is not positive. Salvador has been sent into enemy territory.

The Promise plot episode 71

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Later Manuel he suddenly wakes up from his coma, but after a few moments of tension, he loses consciousness again. Jimena she feels guilty about her situation, but Cruz reassures her, believing Manuel will recover. And indeed, this happens. However, Manuel he is very confused and has no memories. He recognizes her parentage, but as to Jimena’s identity, he knows only that she is the widow of his late brother Tomas.

Meanwhile, the new butler Gregorio establishes strict rules for domestic staff, reducing the power of Romulus. Also, continue to treat him rudely in public. Romulo holds back his anger as best he can.

Il sergeant Funes returns to La Promesa to investigate the disappearance of the Baron. conrado funes he will question both gentlemen and members of the household staff. Teresa she is very agitated, having been the last person to see the Baron before his disappearance. She feels that she will be among the first to be questioned. Pia, Jana e Maria they encourage her, assuring her that nothing will happen if they don’t fall into contradictions…

The Promise episodes 72 and 73 on Thursday 7 September 2023

The Promise plot episode 72

Taking advantage of Manuel’s momentary amnesia, the perfidious Cruz proposes to Jimena to use his memory lapse to shape his memories. To keep their plan a secret from the family, Cruz announces during a dinner that if someone would like to meet Manuelshould avoid touching topics related to his past.

The Promise plot episode 73

Later Gregorio starts his investigations to recover the brooch that belonged to the deceased marquise and in the meantime communicates to Simona the new guidelines for staff meals.

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Candela e Simona they will feel indignant at the behavior of Gregorio, who will call cooks from the provinces in the hope of replacing the staff in the kitchen. Maria shares her affection for the music box with Simona, but she is scolded by Gregorio for using it during working hours.

funes begins the interrogation to solve the mystery of the Baron’s disappearance and finally announces in the middle of the night that he has found him.

The Promise episodes 74 and 75 on Friday 8 September 2023

The Promise plot episode 74

Later Simona e Candela they come across a letter from the duke under Camilo’s bed, which refers to research on the inhabitants of the estate. Petra he finds out and informs Gregorio, who threatens to fire Simona and Candela. The two share with Lope the information they have gathered about Camilo and his mysterious situation.

The Promise plot episode 75

After lying to him, Manuel reveals to Jimena that she knows about her grandfather’s death and asks her to be honest from now on. Meanwhile Gregorio pick up Jana out of Manuel’s room and scolds her, ordering Mauro not to allow access to unauthorized persons. Now Manuel is much better, and for this reason Jana, going against Maria’s opinion, devises a way to stand beside her during her grandfather’s funeral and find out how she might react.