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Come finisce And Just Like That…2?

How it ends And Just Like That…2? On August 25, 2023, it aired on Skythe last episode of the second season of And Just Like That…what happens in the season finale of the series sequel Of Sex and the City, ?

WARNING: The following is the full ending explanation of the And Just Like That season 2 finale…and includes major spoilers for everything that goes on. If you haven’t seen the episode and don’t want to miss out on the surprises, we advise you not to continue reading.

In the season finale of And Just Like That…2, Aidan makes a difficult decision about his future with Carrie , Miranda confronts her exes and Lisa mourns her recent loss. The episode picks up a few minutes after the events of the previous one, when Carrie is returning to her iconic apartment and receives a call from Samantha, (Kim Cattrall), who appears for the first time in the series dressed beautifully in a red dress and a silver coat. Samantha explains that Miranda and Charlotte told her about Carrie’s “Last Supper,” and she was trying to surprise her for the event.

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Sarah Jessica Parker e John Corebtt in
Sarah Jessica Parker e John Corebtt in “And Just Like That” Seconda Stagione. Courtesy Of Max/Warner

Samantha Jones

Hoping to avoid continuing to be someone who shuts out her exes, Miranda meets up with Steve at his new booth at Coney Island, where he explains that he doesn’t want to be just a memory in his past but someone in his present and future. In a splash of nostalgia, she also admits that it was the right decision to buy their house in Brooklyn and that Steve was right about them being good parents to Brady.

Meanwhile, Harry wakes up Charlotte who is still recovering from a night out with her colleagues at the gallery. She scolds Harry for doing “minimum wage” on the housework before discovering that Anthony has arrived. The owner of the Hot Fellas he desperately needs advice from his best friend.

Last dinner

The evening of the “Last Supper” arrives, and the guests slowly enter one by one. Anthony and Giuseppe have a friendly fight because Anthony refuses to trade sexual positions in bed. Seema arrives with Ravi, and when the director has his ear out of range, she tells Carrie that expressing her love for him was a big mistake.

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Meanwhile, Harry arrives minutes after waiting in line at‘Apple Store: Bought Charlotte a new phone to replace the one lost in a blender full of margaritas. Shortly thereafter, Lisa silently confesses to Charlotte that she had a miscarriage, but she shows determination in wanting to have a good evening.

Nya, who has reached an exciting career milestone at the beginning of the episode, realizes that the star chef Michelin it is actually Toussaint, the handsome man who courted her in a bar earlier in the season when Nya was still married. Their chemistry was strong right away.

Miranda meets with Che in the kitchen, who promises never to reuse comedic jokes about Miranda and their past eight-month relationship. But Che can’t help but describe their pairing as a “disaster.” Later, while Anthony confesses his love to Giuseppe in Carrie’s wardrobe and convinces him not to return to Rome, Herbert finds Lisa in the bathroom, disturbed by the fact that Carrie has introduced her new “baby”, the kitten Shoe, and thinks to the child she could have had.

Dinner is ready. Seated around the table, Toussaint begins serving dishes praised by many. Ravi, however, is not one of those guests. The director is too engrossed (yet again) in another phone call regarding the production of his film, which requires an abrupt change of location and his immediate return to New York.

A word

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Seema gives him a hard time but Ravi knows the real reason why she is nagging him. “Your questioning, doubts and insecurities are not only an insult to my feelings but to what we have and what we could be. I don’t know what crazy movie you’re in, but it’s definitely not mine.” Upstairs, Carrie rises and proposes a toast. “In honor of letting go of this place, I’d like each of us to walk around the table and say something we all want to let go.”

While some make jokes, others pick words like “fear,” “guilt,” and “regret.” When it’s Carrie’s turn, she says: “Expectations, and to be clear, I’m not talking about having dreams and wanting something to happen, but assuming things are going to be the way we think they should be for whatever reason, because we never know what tomorrow will hold. It could be bigger than anything you ever anticipated.”

As dinner draws to a close, the friends slowly disperse. Miranda runs to replace her boss and appear on the BBCwhich does very well, followed with a drink with producer Joy, whom she met in the penultimate episode. Touissant takes Nya home, even though she’s not on the way. Anthony gives up control and gives Sebastian what he wanted. Charlotte and Harry struggle to set up Charlotte’s new phone and refuse to ask their children for help. Lisa and Herbert embrace and share their breakup. Seema and Ravi sort things out, even though it meant that he would leave for Egypt to shoot his film for five months while Seema would stay in New York.

“It wasn’t a mistake”

Carrie, on the other hand, reflects to herself on the fact that the “Last Supper” was the “best party” she had ever organized, at least until Aidan interrupted her thoughts by throwing pebbles at her window. She finally walked into her old house after all these years, slowly explaining that he had to go back to Norfolk, Virginia, for Wyatt’s sake. Wyatt’s recent booze-and-shroom accident was a cry for help, or rather, a cry for his father.

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Aidan comes up with an almost impossible request: Would Carrie be willing to wait five years for him until Wyatt is past his teenage years? Presumably, by then, the troubled teenager would have outgrown his problems. The two kiss, make love, and when morning comes, before Aidan leaves for the last time, Carrie looks into her eyes.

“Hey, no matter what, this (pointing to his new place) and this (pointing to both) weren’t a mistake”.

Cocktails or men

Once Aidan leaves, Carrie gets a call from Seema. “Look, we are not staying here in this hot city. I took a seat on the beach.” By beach, he means a stretch of warm sand along the Greek coast.

How it ends And Just Like That…2? The episode and the season closes with this iconic dialogue.

“What happens if they never come back?” Seema wonders, referring to Ravi and Aidan. “Oh, there will be more”, Carrie replies. “Men?” asks Seema. “Cocktail”, Carrie replies.

“And just like that… I ordered two more cosmopolitans”. Carrie reflects before the camera pans away to reveal the crystalline waters of Greece lapping at the rocks and sand.