Isola dei Famosi, former beloved finalist: “Here is what was the greatest difficulty I encountered in Honduras”

The former castaway Pamela Camassa recalls her experience on L’Isola dei Famosi.

Pamela Camassa was among the most loved and appreciated contestants of the last edition of the The Island of the Famous. Interviewed by Superguidatv, thefrom the shipwreck recalled his long and intense experience in Honduras and dedicated sweet words of love to her partner Filippo Bisciglia.

Pamela Camassa: the revelation on her journey to L’Isola

Pamela Camassa released a new interview to Superguidatv in which she spoke again about her experience a The Island of the Famous. The beautiful finalist of the seventeenth edition of Canale 5 reality show conducted by Ilary Blasi he revealed what was the biggest difficulty encountered on the island:

It’s a reality show that I’ve always wanted to do. A reality show that puts you on the line and takes you on a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I’m honestly very happy I did. Happy because even if with difficulty I managed to complete it to the end. I think that any kind of experience changes you a little and in this case for the better, it helps you to get to know yourself better especially in an uncomfortable situation and above all to get to know yourself but through others…

It’s maybe silly to say, but I realized how important food is and feeling really lucky when you get the chance to eat anything you want. The biggest difficulty I encountered on the island? Surely not so much hunger but boredom. Time never passed, especially at night, and the more minutes passed, the more you missed home and loved ones.

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About instead of his love story with Filippo Biscigliathe conductor of Temptation Island, Pamela confessed:

I’m happy, for me Filippo is everything, when you have a life partner, your family and true friends who love you, well that’s happiness.

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