The girl and the officer 3 September fourteenth episode: plot

The girl and the officer fourteenth episode, broadcast on September 3 on Canale 5

The girl and the officer, with the fourteenth episode aired on September 3, 2023 on Canale 5, the Sunday appointment with the Turkish costume TV series filmed between Istanbul, St. Petersburg and Ukraine does not stop. The protagonist of the story is Kurt Seyit, the eldest son of a Crimean Turkish family and one of the Tsar’s best officers, who will marry Şura, the youngest daughter of a noble Russian family.

However Petro, an old friend of Kurt – who will host the soldier’s father and sister in the Russian city – actually harbors a certain hostility towards Kurt. The love story between Seyit and Sura will experience many torments, and will first be hindered by families until the outbreak of the First World War, during which Kurt will be called to fight and will also be given up for dead in battle. Below is the plot of episodes 39 and 40 of the TV series aired on Sunday 3 September on Canale 5.

ATTENTION: starting from 27 August 2023 the programming of The girl and the officer only provides two episodes broadcast on Sunday evenings at the new time of 21:50 circa.

Plot The girl and the officer episode 39

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Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ in a frame from
Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ in a frame from “The Girl and the Officer” broadcast on Canale 5. Credits: Mediaset Infinity/Ay Yapim.

Şura bursts into Seyita’s wedding ceremony with Murvet: tempers heat up and what was supposed to be a happy event takes on dramatic connotations. Amidst the ruckus, Kurt leaves with Murvet, leaving the guests behind. Murvet, however, does not want to stay next to Seyit, in light of everything that has just happened. Kurt sees no other option but to drive Murvet back to her mother’s house. This is how Murvet spends her wedding night alone, tormented by the ghosts of Kurt Seyit’s past who – apparently – will continue to give them no respite. After a few days, Kurt moves into his new wife’s mother’s house after she Murvet claims she doesn’t want to leave the family home. Petro – seeing Şura grieving over the loss of Kurt – decides to take her on a vacation in an attempt to ease the pain that stems from her broken heart.

Plot The girl and the officer episode 40

Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ in a frame from
Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ in a frame from “The Girl and the Officer” broadcast on Canale 5. Credits: Mediaset Infinity/Ay Yapim.

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Kurt Seyit takes a drastic decision and decides to leave Murvet once again. It is clear that their wedding was marred, from day one, by the complicated relationship that Seyit maintains – despite all the adversities – with Şura. This prevents Murvet from fully trusting the man she has by her side. The agreement between the spouses proves once again impossible to find. Meanwhile Kurt goes to Anatolia to train freedom fighters. Petro has accompanied Şura to a beautiful mansion, where he asks her to marry him. Şura remains indifferent to that proposal: her heart continues to beat for Kurt Seyit, even though he is now married to another woman.

Schedule of The Girl and the Officer, when it airs

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The Turkish TV series is made up of two seasons, the first of thirteen and the second of eight episodes, for a total of 21 episodes whose playing time ranges from 90 to 100 minutes each (the Italian edition will shorten the individual episodes, increasing the number total). In Italy Kurt Seyit and Shura it is broadcast on Canale 5 starting from 9 June from around 21.20, with three unpublished episodes a week. Starting August 6, The girl and the officer airs on Sundays and no more than Fridays. Below is the programming for the months of June, July and August: barring changes in the schedule, the series will keep the Canale 5 audience company until 17 September.

The girl and the officer in reply, when and where to see the fourteenth episode

In response, the episodes of the Turkish TV series broadcast on Canale 5 are available on Mediaset Infinity, the video on demand platform that allows subscribers to watch the best of Mediaset programming from their computer via browser and in app format for smartphones, tablets and smart tv.

The girl and the officer today’s episode

To watch the episode of September 3, it is possible to tune in to Canale 5 starting at 21.50 approximately, or alternatively connect to Mediaset at the same time to watch it in streaming.

The girl and the officer fourteenth episode live

The live episode of the Turkish TV series is available starting at 21.50 around 3 September in absolute premiere on Canale 5, or on Mediaset Infinity.

The girl and the officer fourteenth episode in streaming, where to see it

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In streaming, the Turkish TV series starring Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ and Farah Zeynep Abdullah is available on Mediaset Infinity in conjunction with its broadcast. The episodes close to their broadcast are available in the catalog of the Mediaset video on demand service.

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