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The Witcher: The executive producer justifies the recasting of Cavill by appealing to the books

The Witcher - The showrunner defends the recasting: "We will continue to move forward"

Last July 27th they went out Netflix The last three episodes from the third season of The Witcherthe fantasy series based on the Polish writer’s novels and short stories Andrzej Sapkowski, collected under the title of Saga in Geralt on the Rivia. Epilogue of one swing seasonwhich has not convinced all viewers, these last three episodes have represented the end of an important chapter for the Netflix series. Indeed, they represented the definitive exit of Henry Cavillwho has decided to abandon the role of the monster hunter forever Geralt in Riviaa role that, from the fourth season onwards, will be entrusted to Liam Hemsworth.

Ever since it was announced that Geralt of Rivia would no longer have the face of Henry Cavill, fans have been racking their brains to try to understand whether and how the Netflix series would handle the recasting. In particular, one of popular theories speculates that the passing of the torch between Henry Cavill and Liam Hemsworth will be explained through the use of different Spheres, or worlds, as in a kind of multiverse. Well, Tomasz Baginskione of the manufacturers of The Witcherit seems to have debunked this theorywith a very articulated explanation that refers to Sapkowski’s novels.

The producer of The Witcher he compares Henry Cavill’s recasting to the narrative revolution of Sapkowski’s fifth book

“Many book readers forget what Andrzej Sapkowski did it in the fifth volume of the sagaBaginski began in an interview for Wyborcza. “For me this is one of the most important things in the whole story. I am not referring to specific events, but to the narrative context which was introduced in that novel. Suddenly, at the beginning of the book, we discover that everything we’ve read up to that point may not be true”.

Tomasz Bagiński went on to explain that the revolution accomplished by Sapkowski in the fifth novel of the Saga in Geralt on the Riviait cannot be compared, for example, to the concept of a multiverse”, as it is not the existing realities that multiply, but the possible ways of narrating the same reality.

“There is a single reality in Sapkowski’s work, but being a history of the past, what we know has been filtered by various authors, historians, writers… Maybe it’s Jaskier’s version or someone else. Perhaps Ciri had eyes of a different color, she was a different character, and these events looked different from the point of view of the elves ”.

The producer of the Netflix series then underlined that, if today fans protest the fact that Geralt will no longer have the face of Henry Cavill, but that of Liam Hemsworth, also20 years ago, when the fifth book came out, people were really frustrated. Everything had been turned upside down”.While acknowledging that fans could struggling to overcome the obstacle represented by the new face of Geralt of Riviatherefore, Bagiński nevertheless reiterated that in such a narrative contextwhich deals with the concept of reality extremely flexibleit’s hard to say ‘no’, to argue that something is definitely forbidden. It’s not because we only have one side of the story and all the others are equally true“.

In short, Bagiński’s explanation definitely makes sense, but whether fans will agree with him remains to be seen. We still don’t know when we will be able to see the fourth season of The Witcher are Netflixbut one thing is certain: the series will have to be able to start from scratch and return to convince.

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