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Belen Rodriguez confirms the Flirt with Elio Lorenzoni, here are the first romantic photos

Belen Rodriguez confirms the Flirt with Elio Lorenzoni, here are the first romantic photos

Belen Rodriguez no longer hides, with sunset photos on Instagram, confirms the love story with Elio Lorenzoni.

Belen Rodriguez ed Elio Lorenzoni they are a new couple, now it’s official. There has been a lot of talk about this alleged flirtation, between paparazzi and gossip reported online, and the beautiful Argentine showgirl has decided to come out in the most romantic of ways, presenting the charming entrepreneur a bit like her rebirth and happiness, after the terrible farewell to Stephen DeMartino.

Belen Rodriguez comes out into the open with the new Boyfriend

When Belen Rodriguez suddenly deleted photos with Stephen DeMartino, after a romantic boat trip just a few days earlier, everyone started to fear the worst. In fact, the fan theories of the beautiful Argentine showgirl became reality when the first stolen photos of Belen with the entrepreneur began to appear Elio Lorenzoni.

While everyone screamed betrayal against Rodriguez, she made sure her truth was brought to light by her ex and great friend Fabrizio Coronawho announced how things really went, accusing Stefano to have betrayed Belen with a young Neapolitan student. Also defended by his mother Veronica Cozzani, the presenter made it clear with increasingly clear references that Stefano’s betrayal was real and how, and that she had established a liaison with Lorenzoni only after discovering it. It is rumored, among gossip experts, that in reality the two were in contact and attracted to each other already at the time when Belen became engaged to Antonino Spinalbese, but mind you these are just corridor talk at the moment.

In the meantime, Elio joined Belen on the Island of Albarella, where Argentina is spending a few days with his family and in total relaxation, and his better half has decided not to hide the holiday together with the fans, sharing some shots on Instagram that have the function of allowing Belen and Elio to come out as a couple. In fact, Rodriguez has published some photos of her on horseback at sunset on the sand, and also of Lorenzoni who appears as a graceful horseman, albeit deliberately blurred. It is clear from the smile of the Rodriguez and from the sentence that accompanies the photos in which she admits that she is finally starting to feel better, that the couple is a lot taken from the new relationship. The decision to come out, as expected, has brought a lot of criticism against the presenter, accused of changing men without remorse and not really loving any of them. Belen, in defiance of the haters, enjoys the company of Elio and who knows if the two will eventually be serious.