Beautiful Advances and American Plots: Taylor and RJ worried about Steffy and Hope. Here’s what happens

The Beautiful American Previews reveal that Taylor would like Steffy to go back to Finn and try to fix their marriage while RJ stands up for both of his sisters. Here’s what’s happening in the American episodes of the Soap.

In the love triangle between Finn, Steffy e Liam yes. I am introduced two new characters: Taylor e RJ. While Hayes pushed her daughter a return to her husband and solve their problems, RJ stood up for both of his sisters e he faced both Finn and Liam. Here’s what’s going on and what they reveal to us American advances Of Beautiful.

Beautiful American Advances: Taylor pushes Steffy to go back to Finn

Steffy hasn’t forgiven Finn and it seems better than ever determined not to return to Malibu. La Forrester she no longer trusts her husband and fears that his bond with Sheila could endanger both her and the children. This Taylor didn’t like the decision at all. The Hayes suddenly returned to Los Angeles, after learning what his daughter is experiencing. The doctor hugged the girl but he immediately told her to think better are what he’s up to. The American advances Of Beautiful they reveal to us that Taylor pushed Steffy to go home to her husband it’s at solve his marriage problems.

Beautiful American Advances: Ridge furious against Taylor

Taylor advised Steffy Of fight for her marriage e you trust Finn. The doctor has always shown to love her and to be devoted to her and probably what he did, it was just a mistakea serious slip that deserves to be forgiven. Ridge flew into a rage. Il Forrester he didn’t agree with his ex-wife at all e the two began to argue animatedly. Steffy had to interrupt them and beg them not to fight over her but in the end she listened to Ridge, refusing – hours later – of welcome Finn’s new prayers e by Liam himself. I two boys went to visit her one after the otherto show her their love.

Plots and Previews American Beautiful: RJ defends both his sisters

Finn asked RJ for help per win Steffy back e stop Liam. Il doctor revealed to his brother-in-law That Spencer revealed to him that he loved his wife and to want to be with her and to be, for this reason, very worried. RJ tried to reason with him and though he too warned him about Sheila, he seemed to listen to him. She indeed has decided to face Liam face to face e push him to go back to Hope, save his family, stay close to his sister and save his other sister, Steffy. Youngest of Ridge’s sons she stood up for both of her big sisters, determined to see them happy. However, Liam did not like his intervention at all, nor did Hope, ready to continue their lives far away.

Beautiful it goes on air Channel 5, from Monday to Sunday at ore 13.45.

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