Quentin Tarantino against intimate scenes in films: “I’m a nuisance”

Quentin Tarantino he is one of the most influential and talented directors of his generation. Passionate about cinema since he worked for Video Archives, during his career he has created unforgettable cult films that have written a new cinematic language. The turning point came in 1992 thanks to Hyenasil gangster noir con Chris Penn, Harvey Keitel, Michael Madsen, Lawrence Tierney, Steve Buscemi e Tim Roth. Two years later it came out Pulp Fictionwhich he gave to Quentin Tarantino the first Academy Award (won for Best Original Screenplay) and showed the world what he was capable of. From that moment on, the director and screenwriter went from one project to another, managing to define his personal style more and more clearly. Jackie Brown, Kill Bill, Inglourious Basterds, Django Unchained, The Hateful Eight e Once upon a time in… Hollywood are some of the many hits that Quentin Tarantino has signed. His cinema has some peculiar characteristics, which have sometimes even led him to be criticized a lot: it is not his film if it does not contain exaggerated scenes of violence, tight and surreal dialogues and constant references to pop culture.

If there is something that rarely appears in Quentin Tarantino’s works, however, it is the intimate scenes. The director has revealed the reason behind this personal choice of him.

The films of Tarantino they have accustomed us to violent action scenes full of blood, foul language, iconic dance sequences and frequent shots of the feet. However, unlike his colleagues, he preferred not to include many scenes in his films that portrayed a moment of intimacy between the characters. Why did the director, who has never been afraid to dare or provoke, make this choice? Quentin Tarantino apparently doesn’t like shooting this type of sequence at all. He explained why in April of this year in a long and interesting interview with ARA newspaper:

The truth is, in real life, it’s a pain to shoot intimate scenes. In these situations they are all very tense. If it was already a bit problematic to do it before, now it’s even more so. If there was ever a need to insert an intimate scene essential to the story in my film, I would have done it. But so far it has never seemed necessary to me”.

Second Quentin Tarantino therefore intimate scenes make the actors unnecessarily uncomfortable and for this reason he decided to do without them. On the other hand she admitted she never heard that such a moment was necessary for the plot of his works.

And what do you think? Do you share Quentin Tarantino’s opinion or do you think intimate scenes would have enriched his films?

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