Terra Amara Advances Episodes from 28 August to 3 September 2023: Behice gets shot and risks dying!

Let’s find out the Advances of the Episodes of Terra Amara aired from 28 August to 3 September 2023. Here is the summary of what will happen in the Episodes of the week.

Let’s see together Advances from the weft from the Bets of the Turkish soap opera Bitter landin onda from 28 August to 3 September 2023 are Channel 5as always from 14.10. here is the Summary Of what will happen during the week.

Episode aired on Monday 28 August 2023

Hunkar’s death plunged into turmoil more, and in particular gli Yaman. Zuleyhaoverly proven, he is trying to console Demirso that comes to swear loyalty to him. Despite this, the young woman reiterates that non do it why she is in love with it. Meanwhile, Fekeli swears revenge: whoever killed the betrothed must pay.

Episode aired on Tuesday 29 August 2023

Mujgan is angry with Yilmaz: found the statement whereby he granted Demir the right to use the document in question as evidence to indict her for the attempted murder of Zuleyha. A violent argument erupts between the twoed interviene Fikret. The latter admits that he came into possession of the aforementioned declaration by rummaging in the drawers of the entrepreneur’s study. Fikret he did it because hates the Yaman with all of himself.

Episode aired on Wednesday 30 August 2023

During the process, Sevda managed to prove her innocence: Was at home on the day of Hunkar’s murder. The judge decides to release her. Iron, bitterly regretting having accused her, apologizes, but she still doesn’t feel like forgiving him. In a second moment, Ozcanconvinced that Sevda is guilty, gathers a group of men to have her lynched. ZuleyhaBut, intervenes promptly.

Episode aired on Thursday 31 August 2023

Zuleyha she is baffled. The former seamstress is assisting with dismay at a meeting between the prosecutor, Mr Vedat, the head of the gendarmerie e Iron: the four are gathered to look into the Hunkar murder. During their conversation, the Altun hears a phrase that ignites a strong suspicion in her about who could be the mother-in-law’s killer.

Episode aired on Friday 1 September 2023

After Fekeli advised her to go back to Istanbul, Behice hatches a plan to stay a Cukurova. Erdinica criminal you paid specifically to do this, he first assaults her and then shoots her; However, by mistake the bullet reaches her in the stomachinstead of the shoulder. Erdinic, fearing ending up in jail, doesn’t accompany her to the hospital, but it leaves Behice alone, in the middle of nowhere, dying.

Episode aired on Saturday 2 September 2023

Muggan he realizes the seriousness of the situation, so faces Fekeli and Yilmaz grumpy: he accuses them of being the cause of Behice’s accident. After that, Fikret tries to console the doctor, while Nurse Neriman watches them. Meanwhile, Demir asks Sevda to move to the estate.

Episode aired on Sunday 3 September 2023

Zuleyha is happy that Demir and Sevda have reconciledjust as she is happy that the latter has agreed to go and live at the villa. SecondInstead, not of the same opinion. Gaffur’s wife believes that thus son and daughter-in-law are tarnishing Hunkar’s memory.

Bitter land it goes on air Canale 5 from Monday to Saturday at 2.10pm.

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