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Friends, Nunzio Stancampiano against those who accuse him of being in Paris for Cosmary Fasanelli: “I’m not following anyone”

Friends, Nunzio Stancampiano against those who accuse him of being in Paris for Cosmary Fasanelli: "I'm not following anyone"

Amici’s former student Nunzio Stancampiano has decided to rebut those who accuse him of having flown to Paris only for Cosmary Fasanelli, his ex-girlfriend. Here’s what he said!

The two alumni of the talent of Amici Of Maria De Filippi, Nuncio Stancampiano e Cosmary Fasanelli, they ended their relationship. And, although the dancer has tried to win back his girlfriend, the former tissue does not seem to be determined to return with him. Nuncio he became the protagonist of several gestures on social media that showed his love for Cosmary and when the fans noticed that they were both in Paris, even if not together, they first thought that there was a flashback, but then some rumors suggested that it was yet another attempt to Tired of winning back Cosmary. But what is the truth? Here’s what the dancer decided to answer!

Friends, Nunzio Stancampiano against those who accuse him of following Cosmary Fasanelli

Cosmary e Nuncio they had started dating last summer, after exiting the broadcast of Canale5 conducted by Maria De Filippi, often sharing tender messages of love on social networks. But a year into their story, the first signs of a relationship that was about to end had arrived. An Instagram story of Nunzio Stancampiano had confirmed the end of the story with the dancerbut the boy had tried to win her back.

Stancampiano he had in fact made himself the protagonist of some gestures which made it clear that the decision to end the story did not depend on him, but on his partner: a Cosmary had dedicated several stories on social media, with romantic and meaningful songs in the background. However, the dancer and former tissue had not responded to any of these statements, preferring a contained silence. When fans noticed that both were in Paris, they accused the dancer of trying to win back Fasanellipushing Nuncio Stancampiano to answer the allegations against him: the dancer declared that it was impossible for his ex to be in Paris, also because the city is made up of over 2 million inhabitants, of course, it would not be easy to find someone among so many people. But, above all, he wanted to clarify that he is not following anyone and that these accusations are defamatory:

“I’m in Paris for work reasons, these days you’ll understand why. I’m not stalking anyone, I’m not persecuting anyone, as – they warned me – so many are writing on social media, always these gossips. (…) Having said that, yesterday I took a 7-hour layover. I did Catania-Rome-Paris. Seven hours I was in Rome, so much so that I had an aperitif there. So, if I had taken the direct line like other people, I would have gotten there first and So how do I put it. What are you saying? Please! Fly down with me, ok? Having said that, I give you some advice: have fun, life is one, it must be lived!”

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