Terra Amara, previews of the plot August 23: Fikret discovers who shot Zuleyha

Here are the previews of the Terra Amara plot of the episode aired on Wednesday 23 August at around 2.10 pm on Canale 5.

Terra Amara, previews of the plot August 23: Fikret discovers who shot Zuleyha

Here they are advances from the plot Of Bitter land which returns to the scene Wednesday 23 August 2023, at about 2:10 pm on Channel 5with a new one bet. Since its original title debut ‘Bir Zamanlar Çukurova – Once Upon a Time in Cukurova’ on ATV from 2018 to 2022, it has captured the hearts of the audience. Follow the captivating story of Zuleyha, the protagonist of this series, every episode is available on Mediaset Infinitywhere all the moments broadcast to date are kept.

Before revealing the episode of August 23rd, let’s do a quick recap of the episode of Tuesday August 22nd, the last episode aired before the summer break

Terra Amara: summary of the episode of 22 August

Demir, destroyed by pain, brings home the lifeless body of his mother, and Zuleyha and all the laborers let themselves go into desperate tears. Fekeli hears the news of Hunkar’s death and goes to give her a last, heartbreaking farewell. Mujgan begins to suspect Behice’s involvement in the murder.

Terra Amara, previews of August 23: the vigil for Hunkar

After the rumor of Hunkar’s death spreads all of Çukurova goes to pay her respects. She lies at Yaman mansion where Demir took her when he discovered her body in the ruins.

In the new episode of the soap Fikret wanders around the villa

Among those present is also Fikret, nephew of Fekeli, who, wandering unseen inside Villa Yaman, finds in Demir’s study the letter from Yilmaz confessing Mujgan’s attempted murder of Zuleyha.

Fikret spocere che Mujgan ha sparato a Zuleyha

In the letter Yilmaz confesses that, in agreement with Demir, they have decided, for the good of the families, to keep everything secret, however, if it should be necessary in the future, he agrees to Demir using his statement as proof.

In the clip uploaded to Mediaset Infinity Demir returns to the estate with Hunkar’s body.

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