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Friends, Cosmary Fasanelli and Nunzio Stancampiano: flashback? That’s what the truth is!

Friends, Cosmary Fasanelli and Nunzio Stancampiano: flashback?  That's what the truth is!

Is the couple of Friends of Maria De Filippi formed by Cosmary Fasanelli and Nunzio Stancampiano perhaps experiencing a flashback? Here’s what we know!

The two alumni of the talent of Amici Of Maria De Filippi, Nuncio Stancampiano e Cosmary Fasanelli, they revealed that they have ended their relationship. But a few weeks after the breakup, there seems to be hope for a backfire. Will it really be like this? That’s what the truth is!

Friends, are Nunzio Stancampiano and Cosmary Fasanelli back together?

The dancing couple took part in the program of Canale5, but until the end of the mutual path, they had never expressed interest in each other. Indeed, Cosmary e Nuncio they had started dating last summer, after leaving the show, often sharing tender messages of love on social networks. But a year into their story, the first signs of a relationship that was about to end had arrived.

The first clue had been an Instagram story of Nuncio Stancampianowho had published on his profile a sentence that had left fans with little doubt:

“My only mistake was loving you so much that I canceled myself”

A brief statement, but full of bitterness, which followed several demonstrations of love and attempts to win back the dancer. Stancampiano he had in fact made himself the protagonist of some gestures which made it clear that the decision to end the story did not depend on him, but on his partner: a Cosmary had dedicated several stories on social media, with romantic and meaningful songs in the background. However, the dancer and former tissue had not responded to any of these statements, preferring a contained silence. For the past few hours, fans have been hoping there was a backfire between the two, for some social details, but the reality seems to be very different.

Cosmary in fact, he published stories in which he shows himself smiling in France with his family and shortly after also the dancer of Amici has published shots in which he saw himself about to take a plane to Paris. However, it seems that the truth is another: a user who sent a report to the gossip Deianira Marzano thought about unmasking the lie:

“Deia, I can tell you that yesterday Nunzio was in Letojanni, in the province of Messina. I have the photo with my daughter”

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