Daisy Jones and The Six makes us breathe real music

Warning: This article contains spoilers about Daisy Jones and The Six.

A few months after its release on Amazon Prime Videoit is possible to weigh the legacy of in a more rationalized way Daisy Jones and The Sixthe TV series based on the 2019 novel of the same name by Taylor Jenkins Reid. Available on the platform internationally since March 3, the serial transposition gives a concrete soul to the jokes which, already previously, in black and white, have been able to thrill thousands and thousands of readers around the globe. The bestseller, like any literary work, feeds the strong imagination of the user, allowing the imagination to fly page after page, mentally imagining the tormented protagonists of the story. With the television adaptation, the story of Daisy Jones and The Six comes to life, crystallizing on the screen those very figurative words and a story in which the musica it is an integral part. For the occasion, the fake documentary that follows the rise and fall of the fictitious band does a colossal job, on a par with the real cinematic biopics that are so trendy in recent years.

It’s as if Daisy Jones and The Six came to life and really existed, in a sensory project overflowing with music.

With brilliant attention to detail, the TV series concocts a story transmediale, extending and making itself available on multiple platforms and portals. Suddenly, within a few weeks (especially before its release on Amazon Prime Video), the show’s fictitious band seems to come to life in the realityafter three years dedicated to the realization of the original songs of the soundtrack.

On January 25, 2023, the original single was released Regret Me, much anticipating the debut of the TV series. Less than a month later, the second promotional single is released, Look at Us Now (Honeycomb)one of the manifesto passages of the history of Daisy Jones and The Six. Songs are available everywhere. Starting from the day before the first episode airs, theirs gradually appears on Spotify album original, Aurora (under US label Atlantic Records), containing all eleven tracks who are the protagonists of the history of the TV series. Also on YouTube all the songs of the band are officially available, and also which one lyric video made for the occasion. It is even possible to purchase the vinyl or cd format of the complete album, in a brilliant version mixture of reality and fiction in cui i Daisy Jones and The Six they seem to have actually existed, and not just a television gadget. And in which Riley Keough and Sam Claflin lend their voices to the passionate Daisy Jones e Billy Dunnein a blurred and arbitrary boundary between person and character, for a respectable multi-portal television and music project.

Blake Mills was mainly involved in the production and composition of the original songs, in collaboration with other musicians such as Tony Berg, Chris Weisman, Jackson Browne, Marcus Mumford and Phoebe Bridgers.

daisy jones and the six
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To mark the events and feelings that overlap during the episodes, the unreleased songs of Daisy Jones and The Six reflect the light and the darkness of the relationship that ignites, brings together and separates Daisy and Billy.

Starting from Look at Us Now (Honeycomb), the authorial, sentimental, self-destructive and mutual rebirth journey of the two protagonists is the engine that strongly drives the fictitious band of the Seventies and the TV series that narrates their deeds. The “We could make a good thing bad» that Daisy and Billy sing to each other, shout to each other, over and over again in the refrain can sum up the entire past of Daisy Jones and The Six. A just love, but al wrong time. The two troubled co-stars seem made for each other, but unable to reconcile a feeling that so much burns with their nature irreparably self-destructive. Unreachable, shy, vulnerable and tormented, Daisy and Billy are two titans only in appearance. Capable of mutually filling the deep void of an existence they are not satisfied with, they cannot surrender to the comfort of the feeling that binds them, still unable to survive it.

The songs become the reflected biography of the band members. Daisy Jones and The Six it is full of music, original and not, which helps to set the atmosphere of the story and to narrate the events without there being an effective didactic transposition. reason why, each episode is full of sounds, songs, harmonies. The TV series becomes a fresco nostalgic of a period that existed, lived first hand or not, of which we still have a vivid memory. And, with the original songs, it’s as if the image of a band that didn’t really exist, but which assumes a plausible form within such a context, adds up to these memories. Thanks above all to the sound mixes used, to the transmedia strategy and to the exciting narration that retraces the events of the protagonist group.

Daisy Jones and the Six, TV series based on books
Daisy Jones and The Six (640×360)

Especially in recent years, there are so many film biopics made in tribute to musical legends (just think, for example, of Bohemian Rhapsody, Rocketman, Judy, Elvis). Daisy Jones and The Six makes experience of the past to propose a fictitious biographical documentary, set years after the success and dissolution of the meteor-group. With a suspended story and some unresolved issues, the band members are crossed over the years, especially those of their youth, by dynamics that may seem familiar. And, in fact, Taylor Jenkins Reid openly pays homage, in some passages, to the American band Fleetwood Mactaken up not only in the sonic traits of Daisy Jones and The Six, but also in the discussed relationships established between the musicians.

Between concerts, tours, press conferences, writing and recording sessions, rehearsals, parties and everything that being members of a successful rock band can entail, the protagonists of the TV series pay the price of ambition, success and the attempt to reconcile work, friendship and love. Different ambitions and uncontrollable impulses that press like the rhythm of the energetic songs on the soul of the characters, especially Daisy and Billy. The controversial unconsummated love between the two is the musical spark Of Daisy Jones and The Six, with songs that reveal, more or less subtly, the real feelings. And even when the message is most hidden, chemistry explodes on stage. On stage, Daisy and Billy are fire and passion. The chemistry between Riley Keough and Sam Claflin is the backbone of the TV series, giving the necessary energy to the musical tracks, which become the vehicle of what has not yet been experienced. During the performances, the two songwriters communicate everything necessary, live in the moment and consume the voltage that binds them in different ways. Through music, the protagonists can make the impossible possible. And it is also and above all for this, that Daisy Jones and The Six it is constantly jagged with sounds, performances, tensions, gazes and harmonies. Allowing us and its fragile protagonists to breathe along with the story.

Daisy Jones and The Six – La Recensione: we could make a good thing bad

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