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The Promise Advances August 22, 2023: Leonor happy for the arrival of Martina, her cousin. Will she smile again?

The Promise Advances August 22, 2023: Leonor happy for the arrival of Martina, her cousin.  Will she smile again?

Let’s see what the Advances reveal of the episode of La Promessa aired on August 22, 2023 on Canale5. The Plots of the episode of the new Soap reveal that Martina, Leonor’s cousin, will arrive while Pia will be worried about Romulo. Jana will try to track down the Baron…

In the bet of The promise on air Canale5 il August 22, 2023at ore 14.45, Leonor could be soon regain the smile. The Advances dell’Soap episode they reveal to us that Martinathe granddaughter of Don Alonso, will arrive at the estate and will give his cousin a great help. Meanwhile Romulo will be in bad shapeafter being victim of a beating. Pia will ask Jana to make sure That it’s nothing serious. The maid will confirm to housekeeper that the butler will recover but it will be convinced that the Baron has something to do with it. She will also be certain that the noble is guilty of her mother’s death. He will reveal to Maria that he saw a ring al his fingerThat wore his mom’s killer. Candela will find il document that Lope kept jealously and will want immediate explanations.

Previews The Promise: Martina arrives, Leonor’s cousin

Leonor attempted suicide and the his sadnessmore and more worrying, ha prompted Martina to arrive at the estate. The girl, daughter of Don Alonso’s brother, will come to The Promise, leaving his uncle speechless. The Marquis will have fear that something serious has happened. Who will be delighted to see heras well as Leonor – who could finally find her smile again, thanks and her – it will be Currowho will have an ally to help her cousin. Candela will discover the document Of Lope e he will want immediate explanations.

The Promise Advances: Pia in pain for Romulo

Romulo took a big risk. The Baron took his revenge on himexactly as he promised. The butler was victim of a beatingwhile he was out and about running errands on behalf of the nobleman. Romulo returned home battered ma he will refuse to call the doctor. Piaworried, he will decide to ask Jana for helpto which he will ask if the waiter’s conditions are serious or not. The maid will reassure you. Meanwhile Manuel will give an engagement ring to Jimena.

Plots and Previews The Promise: Jana is ready to track down the Baron

Jana will reassure Pia on conditions of Don Romulo e the two women will agree on the fact that the butler was a victim from the revenge of the Baron. Jana will want see clearly both on this fact and on the ring he saw on the nobleman’s finger. The girl he will reveal to Maria that he has the suspicion that the Cruz’s terrible father is his mother’s killer and will want to flush him out. Fernandez will advise her to be careful and not to be careless.

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