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Big Brother, former competitor shoots zero on the reality show hosted by Signorini: “I would close it because…”

Big Brother, former competitor shoots zero on the reality show hosted by Signorini: "I would close it because..."

The winner of the first edition, Cristina Plevani, harshly criticizes Big Brother.

Il Big Brother ended up in the crosshairs of aiconic former contestant. We are talking about the winner Cristina Plevani who, interviewed by Giada Di Miceli in the radio show It won’t happen again, ha harshly criticized the Canale 5 reality show and the host Alfonso Signorini.

Cristina Plevani without brakes on the Gf

Cristina Plevani he gave a long interview in the broadcast It will not happen again broadcast on Radio Radio in which he has harshly attacked Big Brother. The winner of the historic and inimitable first edition of the Canale 5 reality show in fact she let herself go to some very strong statements:

I believe that Big Brother was the first ever reality show and in any case unforgettable for that. Whether it was the beginning of a new way of making television questionable or not is another parenthesis, another matter. The last reality show I watched the first few episodes and that’s it. I refused because it no longer made sense. It amazes me that you can’t be shocked today if a program has become over the top. It had been clearly visible for a few years. I don’t know what policy, what direction Big Brother will take this year. I’m curious. After 23 years I don’t see the point in broadcasting Big Brother, but I can understand that on a commercial level there is still a lot of publicity, therefore the money that enters the company. But sincerely after 23 years he got tired of me.

The Plevani she went on to reveal that, according to her, the format of the Big Brother tired and which, for this very reason, should close or at least change its name:

Yes I would close this program. I would have closed it years ago. Why carry on a Big Brother program… that is, I would change the name here. If you want to air it, change the name. Because Big Brother is no longer Big Brother. It’s not anymore because you no longer have the rules, you no longer have anything. You have all the sponsors giving you stuff. You have everything at your disposal (…) If I have to watch the program to get my heart pumped for people, I don’t like to watch a program and be nervous while watching it. It annoys me. Now you have it all served up and handed over. Big Brother is now a holiday, you’re paid, call them stupid those who say no today. You take a vacation on the couch, plus you get paid…

I would change the name because it no longer has anything of Big Brother – added the winner of the first edition of the Gf – Then they want to see the trash people like the fight. Now there are all these fans on social media, the haters, it’s all about that. I was lucky, because social media didn’t exist when I did it. All this social meanness wasn’t there. I haven’t had people insult you. Now going to Big Brother means giving yourself up more often than not to the most ignorant part of those who watch television. They enjoy insulting you. I wouldn’t want this.

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Cristina he finally concluded by saying his opinion on the conducted by Alfonso Signorini:

As a presenter I don’t like Signorini. Great professional as a newspaper editor but not as a conductor. It gave the idea that there were some of his friends, his privileged ones. Then maybe it wasn’t his fault but it was the fault of the authors. The conduct and behavior many times but he was clear to everyone that some were treated differently from others. Sometimes it seemed there were Serie A participants and Serie B participants. His fault, not his fault, the fault of whoever is behind it, I don’t know but it was in front of everyone’s eyes and I don’t think it’s just me thinking this What. Signorini often gives me the idea that he is not super partes. If you are the conductor, be above the parties. Don’t be a friend and don’t be an enemy. For example, when Katia Ricciarelli was there, she was treated differently from the others.

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