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Temptation Island, Gabriela Chieffo against Roberta De Grazia: rags fly on social media!

Temptation Island, Gabriela Chieffo against Roberta De Grazia: rags fly on social media!

The former Temptation Island contestant Gabriela Chieffo and the temptress Roberta De Grazia were the protagonists of a heated clash on social media. Let’s see together what happened!

Temptation Island it has already ended for a few weeks, but on social networks the diatribes between Gabriela Chieffoone of the contestants in this edition of the docu-reality show by Canale5e Roberta DeGraziatemptress of the program conducted by Philip Bisciglia. Indeed, between the two rags have flown on social networks!

Temptation Island, rags fly between Gabriela Chieffo and Roberta De Grazia!

Roberta she had approached the American Boy by Gabriela, Giuseppe, who in the past had cheated on his girlfriend several times, signing up with the nickname mentioned above on dating sites. The couple, however, by the end of the show, had decided to go out together Temptation Islandhaving clarified that their love was stronger and meeting with the host Biscigliaa month after the end of the broadcast, they had admitted that they also wanted a child in a few years.

However, ever since they had exited the show, on TikTok, Roberta DeGrazia she hadn’t spared herself with digs towards the Chieffo, suggesting that probably her Giuseppe hadn’t yet lost the habit of contacting other women, including her. Now, it seems that she was the competitor of the program who threw a dig: in a video on TikTok, Gabriela ironically stated:

“Don’t forget to put cream on your burning c*** too”

With what seemed like a clear reference to the DeGrazia, who had tempted Joseph along the way. However, if the dig of Chieffo could still leave doubts, the answer of the former temptress, however, is clearly referred to Chieffo. Always with a video on TikTok, Roberta DeGrazia wanted to give advice to the “rival”:

“And don’t forget to put sunscreen on your horns too”

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