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Cillian Murphy regrets not having acted in the film Interstellar: «It broke my heart»

Cillian Murphy regrets not having acted in the film Interstellar: «It broke my heart»

Oppenheimerthe highly anticipated new film by Christopher Nolan, is finally about to arrive in Italy: starting from next August 23rd it will be distributed in all cinemas in our country. The film, inspired by the book by Kai Bird e Martin J. Sherwin, will tell the story of Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the Manhattan Project that led to the construction of the atomic bomb. To interpret the controversial protagonist on the screen will be Cillian Murphywho has already mesmerized audiences as Thomas Shelby in Peaky Blinders. Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr. e Florence Pugh complete the cast of the director’s acclaimed new work, who could receive more than one recognition during the next Oscar Awards ceremony.

Cillian Murphy has worked several times with Christopher Nolan, yet there is one work in his filmography that he regrets not being a part of.

The director discovered the actor’s great talent at the time of Batman Beginswhen Cillian Murphy auditioned for the role of Batman. Bewitched by the actor’s eyes, Christopher Nolan entrusted him with the Scarecrow character, while the starring role went to Christian Bale. In this way a successful artistic partnership was born between the director and Cillian Murphy: since then the interpreter has appeared in no less than six films by Christopher Nolan. In addition to having been part, in fact, of the cast of the trilogy of Batmanalso starred in Inception e in Dunkirk. And now she’s finally landed the big lead role she deserves in the new director’s hit, playing the role of Robert Oppenheimer. However, according to what he revealed to The Independent, there is a Christopher Nolan film in which Cillian Murphy regrets not having acted. We are talking about Interstellarthe sci-fi that sees protagonists Matthew McConaughey e Anne Hathaway. Speaking of this film the actor said:

I love Interstellar, I find it so exciting. I remember seeing it in the cinema when my kids were still little. That movie had a huge impact on me, it broke my heart. But Christopher (Nolan) picked the right people for Interstellar so I don’t have any resentment.”

Cillian Murphy so he sportingly accepted that he had lost the opportunity to act in a film that excited him. Furthermore acknowledged that there are also upsides to watching a movie she didn’t star in: not having to focus on how it looks on screen, he gets to enjoy the story more. Indeed, she added:

I love watching his movies, when I’m not in the cast, because I don’t have to go crazy about the size of my ears or anything else.”

The wait is over: the new film by Christopher Nolan Oppenheimer will arrive in Italian cinemas on August 23rd.