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Carolina Stramare confirms the new Flirt, and it’s not Antonino Spinalbese

Carolina Stramare confirms the new Flirt, and it's not Antonino Spinalbese

Carolina Stramare finds love with the Turin footballer Pietro Pellegri, silencing the rumors that they wanted her close to Belen Rodriguez’s ex.

There has been a lot of talk about a possible flirt tra Carolina Stramareformer Miss Italy, e Antonino Spinalbese after the end of the path of Belen Rodriguez’s ex to Big Brother Vip. The model denies everything and increases the dose, presenting the new boyfriend on instagram: this is a footballer who had a relationship with a rather famous “daughter of”.

Carolina Stramare, other than Antonino Spinalbese: this is who the new Boyfriend is

After the end of his journey at Big Brother VIPwhen everyone understood that with Ginevra Lamborghini there would have been nothing but friendship even away from the cameras of Cinecitt√†, the gossip that she would have wanted to Antonino Spinalbese together with the former Miss Italy, Carolina Tighter. Belen Rodriguez’s ex thought about it, publishing a shot with Carolina on Instagram. The Photo went around the web and was read as confirmation of the gossip about the nascent couple, making the model go on a rampage who he asked Antonino to remove the shot immediately.

To reiterate and underline that she has no sentimental commitment with Spinalbese, with whom she is simply a good friend thanks to mutual friends, theex Miss has decided to come out with the new boyfriend. It’s about Peter Pellegrifootballer from Turin, known in the gossip chronicles for having had a relationship with Victorijia Mihailovic, daughter of Sinisa. With her, Pietro was for two years but the love story foundered and now the footballer born in 2001 has fallen in love again, this time with the beautiful Carolina.

It had been several days since the people of the web had noticed strange social movements between the two, such as sweet messages and hearts scattered among the numerous comments on the photos, until Carolina decided to come out publicly. It is clear that the model wanted to underline the new relationship also to put an end to the chatter with Spinalbese, given that she normally Tighter she is not used to flaunting her private life on Instagram, as she has been doing for a few days now, embracing a Pietro. What do you think of this new couple?