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Men and Women, Teresa Langella harshly attacked for ultra-luxury holidays: here’s how she responded!

Men and Women, Teresa Langella harshly attacked for ultra-luxury holidays: here's how she responded!

The former tronista of Men and Women Teresa Langella was severely attacked for her too luxurious holidays. Here’s what she replied!

Vacation time for VIPs and personalities from the world of entertainment, who very often compete in luxury on social networks. An ostentation that the public doesn’t like and which often triggers controversy and criticism. Among the latest there are those that have been addressed to the former tronista of Men and women, Teresa Langellafor the excessive luxury of his holidays.

Men and Women, Teresa Langella attacked for the luxury of her holidays!

The former tronista of the dating show of Canale5 conducted by Maria De Filippi she found herself responding to the accusations of several haters, who found it unseemly and hypocritical that Langella is becoming more and more an influencer of unbridled luxury, she who, in the past, had never failed to criticize those who used social media to sponsor luxury travel.

The partner and future wife of Andrew Dal Corso he thus wanted to respond to the criticisms, stating, first of all, that the videos he shows on social media are the result of collaborations and adv, therefore, are part of his work as an influencer and that he certainly could not have imagined that they would have caused such annoyance among his followers. The former tronista, already harshly criticized for her boyfriend’s marriage proposal, also considered exaggerated and tacky, he also wanted to clarifyHowever, that it is not fair that his work is so harshly criticised. Indeed, in his stories on Instagram, Langella he has declared:

“It’s not right to feel angry at someone who fights for their dreams and strives to achieve them. I deeply regret all of this and I’m learning to move beyond it, because I believe it’s kindness that saves the world. While words spoken to hurt they are the daughters of those who are certainly experiencing a strong form of personal hardship”

His words also joined From the Coursewho praised his partner’s mature and independent attitude, calling her a great woman, independent and honest.

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