Beautiful, Advances Episode of August 17, 2023, in Replica: Brooke kicked out of the house by Ridge. Did Taylor win?

Let’s see the Advances of the episode of Beautiful aired on August 17, 2023 on Canale5. The Plots of the episode, in rerun, of the Soap reveal that Ridge will ask Brooke to leave him alone with Taylor. Deacon will take advantage of it again…

In the bet Of Beautiful broadcast in rerun on August 17, 2023at ore 13.45 are Canale5, Brooke will be “kicked out” of Forrester Manor. The Advances dell’Soap episode they reveal to us that between Logan and Taylor will break out and close comparison. The blonde will find her rival at Ridge’s house e he will accuse her of using Steffy’s departure per return to the fray with the Forrester. Hayes will defend herself and Ridge will give her a hand, inviting his wife to leave them alone and not to rail against two parents who are talking about their child in difficulty. For Brooke it will be a real blow but she will have to leave.

Beautiful sneak peeks: Brooke ready to do anything to get Ridge back

Taylor e Ridge they stand passing time together after Steffy’s departure. The Hayes showed up at the Forrester’s house with some Chinese food, for be in his company and for talk about their little girl again and its painful problems. Ridge was happy to accommodate her and to dine with her. The their meeting will be interrupted by Brooke, which arrived after having dismissed Deacon, who returned to office with her. For Logan it certainly won’t be a nice surprise; will be shocked and enraged Of see her rival again next to her husband. But this time there won’t be any room for her.

Beautiful Previews: Brooke kicked out of the house

Brooke won’t be happy at all Of see Taylor with Ridge and will be furious with its rival. L’he will accuse of not leaving the Forrester alone e you take advantage of Steffy’s situation to be close to him. Taylor will point out that she also does not seem to have taken seriously her husband’s request to be alone to think about her and will inform her that she is only very worried about her baby and that she is there as a mother and not as an ex her partner. Suddenly Ridge will speak e Hayes defenses. He will invite Brooke to leave and to let him and the doctor spend the evening together and talk about their daughter, who is going through a delicate moment and needs all the support of her family. Brooke will be forced to leave.

Plots and Previews Beautiful: Brooke ready to take Ridge back

Brooke won’t let go of Ridge and will not have no intention of leaving room to its rival Taylor. After being “kicked out” of the Forrester home, he will find himself confronted again with Deacon That will still urge her to forget Ridge. Logan will reveal to him that she is no longer happy with her appearances and she will ask him not to come back to her, to avoid create even more tension between her and the Forrester. In dismissing him, she will remind him that the her love for Ridge will never change and will be ready to knock on your door againto inform him of a great decision he made and that should have taken a long time ago.

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Beautiful it goes on air Channel 5, from Monday to Sunday at ore 13.45.

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