Amici 22, NDG: “It was hard to go back to real life because…”

The unpublished revelation of the former student of Amici 22.

Preparations are underway for the new edition of Amici. In the meantime, the young singer NDG has released a long interview with Lorella Cuccarini for the web column Dimmi di Te in which he revealed how his life has changed after participating in Maria De Filippi’s talent show.

NDG is told without filters

NDG was one of the students of the twenty-second edition of Amici. Guest of the latest episode of Dimmi di te, the web format hosted by Lorella Cuccarinithe singer recalled his experience in the famous Canale 5 school revealing that it wasn’t easy for him to get back to normal:

It was tough going back to normal life, the first few weeks I wasn’t used to being around people. I handle popularity quite well, it’s nice. On social media I like to joke, go live, I’d like to tell myself even more (…) It was wonderful to make Friends, it gave me the opportunity to be reborn. Friends it was an idea to be able to start over and to get to know me, first Nicol√≤ and then Ndg.

During the interview, NDG he also retraced some important stages of his life:

I started with dancing, but I’m convinced it was all connected. As a child I had a passion for writing, then I got obsessed with Michael Jackson and then I did something else. I decided to rap to talk about myself, to tell my story. My dad didn’t really like it when I started this career, he didn’t understand that writing for two hours could be a job. Now he understands, not before.

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My dream duet? It’s with The Weekend or with Annalisa. My biggest fear, on the other hand, is the future, but Amici helped me a lot with this, giving me small goals.

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