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Friends, Nunzio Stancampiano reveals the truth about the crisis with Cosmary Fasanelli and replies to the accusations: “I don’t need…”

Friends, Nunzio Stancampiano reveals the truth about the crisis with Cosmary Fasanelli and replies to the accusations: "I don't need..."

Amici’s former dancer burst out on social media and replied to all those who accused him of having exploited the crisis with Cosmary to create hype.

The story between Cosmary Fasanelli and Nunzio Stancampiano is really over? To shed light on the situation, the former student of Amici which, after sharing a romantic gesture for his beloved dancer, he lashed out against those who accused him of having exploited his relationship just to create hype.

The truth of Nunzio Stancampiano

Cosmary Fasanelli and Nunzio Stancampiano ended up at the center of gossip for their alleged breakup. It all started after the dancer posted a video showing a few moments spent on the ferry, fireworks and a white billboard on which he engraved the dedication: “You and I, three meters above the sky”. A a gesture as romantic as it is striking which does not seem to have convinced everyone.

If the influencer Alessandro Rosica has advanced the hypothesis of a betrayal by CosmaryDeianira Marzano questioned the authenticity of the gesture Nuncio: “What are we to think, that everything was done for hype???”. Allegations that provoked an immediate reaction from the former dancer of Amici:

Good morning everyone. So, I mean the first thing I read…just one piece of news that blew me away. Because, leaving aside who published that news but above all who is the source of this news – I don’t know who you are – anyway I tell you that I fired the bombs, but you have the bombs in your head. It takes a lot of intelligence to understand… Are you saying, did that boy travel seven hundred kilometres, went to shoot bombs under his house, put up a billboard for him and suffered a betrayal? Wow, what a genius. What a genius, they could have put this in La Casa di Carta, a misunderstood genius… Are you gossippari? But change jobs… So these are not things that belong to us, they are not things that belong to our values, to our education. Those are things to be ashamed of.

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Number two: Cosmary and I had a fight. I wanted to share that gesture of love on Instagram because when I made the bombs she wasn’t at home. I know, I was in the wrong place, sometimes I lose track too. So I used Instagram to get it to them, not to create hype, because I’m not a character who needs hype. The characters that need hype are the ones who won’t go on if they don’t create dynamics. I am a dancer, I have a talent and I go for it. The people who follow me do it for that, not because I create dynamics. Then, if I want to put a photo with my girlfriend on social networks – like any twenty-year-old – it is not exploiting the relationship. I put that gesture because honestly I saw a message behind that gesture. And honestly a message of love is a beautiful message for all the young people and the new generations that will grow up, including me. So if anything, it’s a chapeau.

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