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Elisa Isoardi returns to Rai and admits it: “I felt dull and a little lost”

Elisa Isoardi returns to Rai and admits it: "I felt dull and a little lost"

Elisa Isoardi returns to management in Rai with Linea Verde Life. The presenter talks about herself and reveals unpublished and private details.

The beautiful presenter will return on 16 September on Rai 1 Elisa Isoardi with the program Green Line Life. Wonderful news for her fans but also for the presenter who, in her 40s, is finally back on the public network and can celebrate. Here’s what Isoardi has revealed about television commitments and about her love life.

Elisa Isoardi is reborn at 40, her words

Elisa Isoardi is ready to turn pages, going back up Rai 1 con Green Line Life starting next September 16th. The presenter is over the moon, she finally returns to where it all began but does so with a renewed spirit, after the farewell to La Prova del Cuoco and her ex-partner Matteo Salvini, but also after a series of television appearances of a very different nature as the participation in L’Isola dei Famosthe. To the weekly Gente, Isoardi admitted that she feels in a phase of professional and private rebirth, happy beyond measure to have been contacted by the top management of Viale Mazzini after a difficult period.

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“I experience it as a homecoming and I’m really happy! We are what we do and, in June 2020, suddenly finding myself at a standstill for the closure of The test of the cook did not make me feel good. I felt dull, a little lost, I don’t remember it as a good time”.

Elisain fact, confirmed that although she returned to TV with reality shows and with Dancing with the Stars it made her feel valued again, nothing compares to being back at the helm of a program of her own. After having relaunched to the sender the accusations of those who believe that she was chosen as the face of Rai after the election of a right-wing government, therefore reconnecting it to her love story with Matteo Salvini, Isoardi reveals some unpublished details about her private life she. She is single since she closed with the well-known politician and also this summer will not see her alongside any man.

“I am deeply serene alone. I have many friends, girlfriends, I’m not looking for a mate at all costs. My personal fulfillment does not pass through the couple relationship. When you’re in love you dream of family, you think for two, when you’re not anymore, you move forward with yourself. In my life, at this moment, Elisa is in first place (…) I don’t think that a child necessarily represents the maximum exaltation of a woman. If the conditions are right, if there is love, the couple and a common look towards the future, so be it, otherwise it’s fine all the same. But never say never, though”