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Another Tomorrow Advances August 12, 2023: Patricia knows everything!

Another Tomorrow Advances August 12, 2023: Patricia knows everything!

Let’s find out together the Advances of the Episode of Another Tomorrow aired on August 12 on Channel 5. The plots of the episode reveal that Patricia will witness a kiss between Carmen and Kiros. The couple’s secret is in danger!

Let’s see together Advances Of Another Tomorrow for the episode of 12 August 2023. In weft dell’Episode aired starting at 16.44: Patricia reveals to Carmen that she saw her kissing Kiros. The adventurer fears that the Dark Lady wants to blackmail her, however, still not knowing how to implement her blackmail, Patricia simply enjoys keeping her on her toes. Victorwhile in, learns that Angel was Ines’ loverand the two they have a heated discussion to about. In Robledillo Julia is ready for the bachelor and bachelorette party who organized Leo, and is happy That Diana will attend the wedding is that Tirso will accompany her to the altar.

Another Tomorrow: Julia dismisses Tirso

Tirso announces to Elena that he has finished successfully the physiotherapy. The woman would like to find a way to celebrate and spending time together, but that’s about it is postponed. Tirso he comes aware of Leo’s marriage proposal to Julia and, pushed by Elena, goes to talk to Julia and warns her about Leo, also clarifying that he cares about her and does not want to see her suffer. Julia, however, does not take it well and invites him to stay out from his life. Cloe posts a video on social media in which she publicly recounts her difficult moment after breaking up with Ribero. Linda confesses to Carmen her feelings for Faustino and then she too talks about it with Don Francisco, begging him not to tell her father about her.

Another Tomorrow: Angel confesses his love for Ines

Cornered by Ventura, Angel is forced to confess his love for Ines but he swears it was not reciprocated. Ventura she doesn’t believe him and promises to get justice. Angel confides in Patricia who advises him to be very careful. Linda manages to foil a robbery at the Rio Club threatening thieves with a gun but the credit goes to Faustino, since you cannot declare possession of a weapon. Carmen wants to move up to furniture production but Patricia wants to think it through, especially after she finds out that Carmen never went to talk to the fabric salesman again the Bata. Julia decide to accept Leo’s marriage proposal. Tirso makes the decision to leave Elena’s house and to start looking for a home of his own, so he can take control of his own life. Now that he is better he also wants to try to heal the relationship with Julia. Ribero is very worried about Cloe and asks Dani to help her. In Guinea, Patricia, grill Kiros to find out why Carmen no longer went to Bata as agreed, the boy confesses that Carmen met a man on the night of the appointment, whose identity, however, she does not know.

Patricia discovers Kiros and Carmen, in the episode of Another Tomorrow on August 12, 2023

Diana argues with Julia and accuses her of marrying Leo only because she is weak and not very independent. In the meantime, Chloe she is very infatuated with Joelbut he’s not who he says he is, he ends up being blackmail her by forcing her to give him 500 euros. In Rio Muni Angel confesses to Victor that he was in love with his mother Ines, but does not admit that he was her lover. The two have a rather heated argument. Linda sneaks into Enoa’s house he wants to find out what’s bothering her and also why she didn’t go to the appointment they had set. Kiros and Carmen kissing are seen by Patricia. Carmen believes the woman is blackmailing her but for now Patricia only enjoys teasing her and to keep her on her toes. Diana in the end cede and, although I’m not convinced at all, agrees to attend the weddingAlso Tirso will be there and will accompany the Bride!

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