Belen Rodriguez and the betrayals of Stefano De Martino: the video with the deer that leaves no room for doubt

Belen Rodriguez ignites gossip: the last post on Instagram is a very poisonous barb against her ex (?) husband.

Belen Rodriguezlate yesterday evening, inflamed the gossip with an unequivocal video posted on his very popular Instagram profile.

La Rodriguez affonda Stefano De Martino!

It seems that the Argentine showgirl, with this gesture, finally wanted to take a very clear position in relation to the latest rumors about her long and troubled relationship with her husband Stephen DeMartino.

Belenon holiday in Albarella with her daughter Luna Marì – While Santiago is with dad in new york – posted a video of a group of deer whom he met in a park. To those who comment and ask, the showgirl replies with laughter emoticons, without adding words and giving space only to very eloquent images.

There is even Emma Marrone’s like to fuel chatter and why not, perhaps bitter laughter. The Salento singer was left by Martino’s just for Belen back in 2012, pointing out that she became aware of the relationship between the two, through the newspapers. In short, it seems that the former dancer is a repeat offender against his girlfriends and wives (for now, only one, the Rodriguez). Recently, the much-talked-about 38-year-old from Argentina was rumored to be flirting with an entrepreneur from Bergamo, Elio Lorenzoniwhile Stefano, as reported by Corona, he would have a liaison with a young influencer Beatrice Vendramin. Nothing confirmed for the moment but what is certain is that Belen e Stefano are both on vacation away from each other.

here is the video by Belen Rodriguez with grazing deer:

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