Snow White, even Rachel Zegler on strike: «I deserve to be paid for every hour»

Snow-white, the new live action weblog Disney, is certainly making itself heard for the most disparate reasons. In fact, there are many criticisms that the film has drawn around for the type of reinterpretation it proposes, first of all for the choice of the protagonist, Rachel Zegler, known thanks to the role of Maria in the remake of West Side Story Of Steven Spielberg and of both Polish and Colombian ancestry. In this regard, it was she herself who expressed herself on the changes, saying that times have changed and that we are no longer in 1937. Zegler has subsequently been also supported by Halle Bailey, interpreter of Ariel nel live action Disney de The little Mermaid, landed at the cinema a few months ago and coming soon on too Disney+, but the truth is that the criticisms have not only affected the protagonist of Snow White. Different opinions have also been expressed on the choice of the seven dwarfs, who in reality will no longer actually be dwarfs but “magic forest creatures” which will represent characters of different ethnicity and gender. Among the latest rumors in this regard has come forward that of wrestler Hornswoggle, according to which they would be opportunity taken away precisely because of what was said by Peter Dinklage time before. At present the live action of Snow White should be released in March 2024, but further official confirmations are still awaited, also considering that the protagonist of the film, Rachel Zegler, is currently taking part in the actors’ strike.

It is precisely the words of the protagonist of Snow White that cause a sensation, given that she has also thrown herself against the giants of streaming.

It is now known that in the United States the strike of screenwriters and actors, who joined later, is continuing. The protests against streaming and the use of artificial intelligence are going on, and there are many stars from the world of cinema and television who are participating, among which Rachel Zegler stands out. The future Snow White of live action was interviewed by ET while he was protesting in the square, and wanted to have his say on the situation. “If I have to be on set 18 hours a day dressed in the dress of an iconic Disney Princess, then I deserve to be paid for every hour the film is streamed”said the actress to the microphones of journalists.

The positions of the future Snow White are legitimate, and at the same time she is not the only actress to have spoken out about the situation. A few days ago, come on Twitter, the actor too John Cusack expressed his thoughts, mainly focusing on problem related to the use of AI Indeed, he stated: “The studios want the stunt doubles to work someday. They scan them, hope to gain ownership of their appearance forever, and thus put them out of business. Do you think they’ll stop with stunt doubles? That’s what Artificial Intelligence is: giant identity theft. The studios, 10 years from now, when the scope and scale of the theft are revealed, will say they had no idea this was going to happen! They’ll say it’s the business model. Algorithms are for profit. AI is just wild capitalism, blame it on algorithms you create to make more money. It’s not a job deal, it’s the death sentence of work“.

The actor further added, “Greed is almost a comic topic. Fun Fact: When I was a young man- I made a movie (refers to Not For Money… But For Love, ed) (booming at the box office) and got points. I never expected to make any money, but the film has become quite famous, so about 10 years ago I checked the financial statements they were forced to submit and – to my surprise – they claimed to have lost $44 million producing the movie. I thought, “Wow, I almost bankrupted Fox! (not really).” The film cost 13 million and the money spent on distribution at the time was minimal, 30 years later that film was losing millions every year! A clever trick in reporting the data, don’t you think?“.

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