Beautiful, Advances Episode of August 10, 2023: Ridge in the balance. Does Bill finish him off?

Let’s find out what the Previews of the episode of Beautiful aired on August 10, 2023 on Canale5 reveal. The Soap episode Plots tell us Ridge will be shocked by Bill’s intervention and advice. However, the stylist won’t be able to make a decision about Brooke yet.

In the bet Of Beautiful broadcast on August 10, 2023at ore 13.45 are Canale5, Ridge will have to deal with Bill. The Advances dell’Soap episode they reveal to us that the Spencer will push his ancient rival a return home to his wife and to stop this absurd confusion. The stylist will evidently be amazed but also grateful that the tycoon has not taken advantage of the moment to return to the office with his ex but it won’t succeed Still to make his decision. Meanwhile Liam will try to understand Why Hope didn’t defend her father.

Beautiful sneak peeks: Deacon doesn’t give up but Brooke is ruthless

The decision is made e Brooke won’t change her mind. Deacon will have to resign to the idea of ​​having lost Logan forever but it will not be easy for him to think that, when he thought he had finally managed to get his family back, things have degenerated in this way. Now he won’t even get the chance to hang out with Hope at his house. Brooke has been and will be even clearer: she doesn’t want him inside the Forrester estate and this thing will be valid forever. The Sharpe will have no other choice That go away and leave her alone.

Beautiful Previews: Liam asks Hope for an explanation. Why didn’t she defend her father?

Hope decided not to intervene e you do not defend his father. The girl he will choose not to interfere in his mother’s choices, not this time. She will simply agree to attend her father outside the Forrester estate e this behavior of his will leave Liam dumbfounded. The boy, when they are alone, will ask her why such a reaction and she will explain to him that she does not want to cause further damage e you feeling guilty about what happened to the motherdue to his insistence on getting a relationship back with his father. Liam will try to cheer her up and he’ll tell her that it’s more than normal that she wants to see her parents together and that there wouldn’t be anything wrong, at least according to him, if she didn’t agree with the choice to leave poor Deacon out of their life. Hope will be grateful to him and the two will spend a fiery night of love.

Plots and Previews Beautiful: Bill urges Ridge to go home to Brooke

Ridge received the Bill’s strange visit to Forrester Creations. Spencer immediately got to the point; his is not a courtesy call but he has the clear goal of encouraging him to come back immediately below Brooke, Before it’s too late. The tycoon will prove himself for the first time pro couple Brooke / Ridge but he will obviously do it for the good of Logan, who he knows is still deeply in love with the designer. Bill will be very hard on the Forrester and he will invite him not to indulge in stupid positions and to let go of other distractions. His place is in the mansion he and Brooke call home.

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Beautiful it goes on air Channel 5, from Monday to Sunday at ore 13.45.

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