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Deadpool 3: revealed the mysterious identity of the villain?

Deadpool 3: revealed the mysterious identity of the villain?

A new rumor sheds light on the possible identity of the Deadpool 3 villain. Emma Corrin, star of The Crown, will interpret him.

Deadpool 3: revealed the mysterious identity of the villain?

In recent weeks, the entry of Emma Corrin, the former interpreter of Princess Diana in the series The Crown, was announced in the cast of Deadpool 3. The film will mark the official debut of the chatty mercenary within the MCU and could reserve great surprises. A rumor coming from the CanWeGetSomeToast account shed light on the identity of the film’s villain, explaining how it is Cassandra Nova, sister of Professor Xavier.

“I can confirm that Emma Corin’s role in Deadpool 3 is Cassandra Nova. In the comics Cassandra is the evil twin of Carles Xavier. He tried to telepathically kill her in the womb, but she survived the attack and spends her life by rebuilding a body to carry out his revenge against him” reads the post on the Twitter page.

At the moment Marvel Studios have not yet confirmed nor denied, but Emma Corrin said she was enthusiastic about her entry into the cast: “I’m really excited to play a villain. I’ve never done it and it’s nice to challenge yourself. I had heard about the project, but in classic Marvel style, they couldn’t tell me anything. Absolutely nothing”.

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Deadpool 3, not all the surprises have been revealed

Due to the numerous leaks that ended up on the net, fans complained that the whole plot of the film had been revealed. Rob Rob Liefeld, creator of Deadpool, thought of reassuring them, explaining how not all the surprises have been revealed.

The film directed by Shawn Levy has a release date scheduled for May 2024. At the moment the production of Deadpool 3 is suspended due to the strike of actors and writers.