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Amici 21, ongoing crisis between Nunzio Stancampiano and Cosmary Fasanelli? A social clue worries fans

Amici 21, ongoing crisis between Nunzio Stancampiano and Cosmary Fasanelli?  A social clue worries fans

Is the story between Nunzio Stancampiano and Cosmary Fasanelli over? A social clue worries the fans! Let’s see together what happened!

There could be an air of crisis between Nuncio Stancampiano e Cosmary Fasanelli? The couple born in the talent of Amici Of Maria De Filippi on air Canale5 she has always proved to be very united and in love, but a recent clue that appeared on social media seems to confirm that something between them is broken.

Amici 21, are Nunzio Stancampiano and Cosmary Fasanelli no longer a couple? Here is the clue that worries the fans

After her experience on Striscia la Notizia as a tissue, Cosmary Fasanelli made her relationship official with Nuncio Stancampiano, with whom he also spent a romantic weekend in Verona, the city of lovers, dedicating a romantic post on Instagram to him. However, a clue comes from social media that suggests that things are not going well between the two and that they may even have already left.

Indeed, in the last few hours, Nuncio published a short message among the Instagram stories, a sentence that made the fans of the former student of the tlaent of Amici that its relationship with Cosmary may have reached the end of the line. In fact, it doesn’t seem that the pupil wanted to quote the verse of some song, but instead it seems that he wanted to share his deepest feelingsentrusting to writing, black and white, what he’s feeling right now.

The sentence, in itself, is very cryptic, because it suggests that not only is there a rather strong crisis between the two, but also that Nunzio is thinking of denying what he felt for the former student of Amici, with whom he shared so much. In fact, the following sentence appeared in the stories:

“My only mistake was loving you…to the point of canceling myself”

It is a phrase that should leave no doubt: between Nuncio e Cosmary the relationship could really be over. We just have to wait for a further update on the matter.

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