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Sean Penn on the front row of the actors’ strike: ‘An industry based on exploitation serves no one’

Sean Penn on the front row of the actors' strike: 'An industry based on exploitation serves no one'

Sean Penn, along with other stars such as Emile Hirsch, Octavia Spencer and Jane Fonda, participated in the pickets called by the union of striking actors and actresses, the SAG-Aftra. A speech followed right near the Disney headquarters.

A Hollywood lo strike of the actors and actresses unionSAG-Aftra) has lasted for twenty days, activated in the wake of the even longer one of the Writers Guild of America: arm wrestling with themanufacturers association and with the major is very hard, and at the same time even more harmful, not only for the processing of films and TV series, but also for the failed promotion of completed and outgoing works. From the parts of Disney pickets were seen yesterday with Sean Penn, Emile Hirsch, Octavia Spencer e Jane Fonda. Penn in particular has spoken out with decisions on the issues at stake.

Sean Penn against exploitation and Artificial Intelligence

Sean Penn accompanied several of his colleagues and colleagues, such as Octavia Spencer e Emile Hirschin the pickets organized by the SAG-Aftrail union representing actors and actresses of cinema and TV. One of these stopped right in front of the headquarters of the Disneywhose CEO Bob Iger he showed himself among the most uncompromising on the requests not only of the SAG but also of the Writers Guild of America: the union covering the script activated the strike even before the SAG, on May 2nd. Inflation-adjusted wagespercentages on the streaming and other requests (viewable on SAG official site) form the basis of the clash with theAMPTPl’Hollywood Producers Association. Above all, however, the argument holds the table Artificial intelligence, that is, the possession of the image of the actor, even against his will. Penn said:

Manufacturers will have to come down to Earth sooner or later and realize that, in the long run, an industry based on exploitation is not productive for anyoneit’s a matter of decency which concerns the quality of life, this very idea that one can have for examplethrough IA, the property of another human being, it’s kind of sick. (…) The thing that strikes me the most is the level of dedication that the whole union has, at all levels. It is clearly a period of extremely serious problems. People are sacrificing themselves for clear principles. (…) I have the feeling that all these people, even from the WGA, have never been like this in living memory motivatedto get effective results.

The director of SAG-Aftra was bitterly ironic, Duncan Crabtree-Ireland: “We are out of the Disneyone of their most famous films is about an evil witch who steals the voice of the protagonist of The little Mermaid. And the idea that someone can steal the voicethe image, the aspect or the body, usable indefinitely without their permission, without compensation… we have to fight these digital technologies, we have to keep one hard linebe it Disney, of Netflix or anyone else’s.”
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