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The Big Bang Theory – An on-set prank landed Kaley Cuoco in the hospital with a head injury

The Big Bang Theory - An on-set prank landed Kaley Cuoco in the hospital with a head injury

The Big Bang TheoryChuck Lorre’s famous sitcom, after the finale did not lose the popularity it enjoyed with viewers. The sitcom, which ran for twelve seasons, brought the actors great fame, launching their careers and making them some of the highest paid stars on the small screen. After the end of the show but only Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco are continuing to move forward in their careers, participating in new interesting projects. Sheldon Cooper starred in the series of Ryan Murphy Hollywood and played the title role in the romantic comedy Spoiler Alert. Even more remarkable is the climb of Kaley Cuocowho after saying goodbye to his Penny, produced and starred in the thriller series The Flight Attendantwhich earned her her first Emmy Award nomination. Now she has thrown herself into another adventure: she is, in fact, one of the protagonists of Based on a True Story.

However, we want to go back in time to tell you about a small accident that took place on the set of The Big Bang Theorywhich forced Kaley Cuoco to go to the hospital.

It all started with a harmless joke: it was 2017 when Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco thought of scaring the crew and the rest of the actors with a funny staging. Since they were shooting the Valentine’s Day episode of Season 6 in which Penny and Leonard were arguing, they agreed to stage a violent altercation on set. They believed this moment would make everyone laugh and would be a perfect scene to show in the episode’s bloopers. Leonard Hofstadter’s interpreter had also asked the team of hair and make-up artists to give him extensions, so he could pretend to pull out the hair of Kaley Cuoco. Everything had been studied in detail to create the perfect joke, but something went wrong and during the fake fight, the actress hit her head against a chair and injured herself. To tell this particular background, according to what was reported by Entertainment Weeklywas the same Kaley Cuoco during a panel hosted at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con:

So we did and I fell, and the chair hit my head. Nobody knew what happened and neither did I. I just thought ‘Oh, I got a little bruise’. I still continued to act: I was under the table and he was still punching me and pulling my hair. Finally I came out and asked, ‘How was the joke?’ And all I see is Simon’s (Helberg) terrified face, and my blood starts to gush.”

Eventually the joke ended in the worst way and Kaley Cuoco was forced to go to the hospital so that doctors could treat her head wound. Filming for that day was suspended and subsequently the cameramen were forced to film the actress from one side only to avoid framing the stitches. Kaley Cuoco concluded the story of his joke gone wrong, saying that she has been categorically instructed never to organize anything like this again.

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